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Residential Edition: August

Illustration by Dennis Wunsch

Heading Toward Another Fall?

"The Big Short" is a cautionary tale that the housing industry could be doomed to repeat

Commercial Edition: August

Illustration by Dennis Wunsch

Embrace the Basics of Career Planning

To advance professionally, you must invest in yourself and nurture your professional network

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CMBS lending loses market share in 2016

For most of 2016, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) lending has been out of fashion. CMBS lending has dropped off sharply, while banks and ... >>


Report illustrates the affordable-housing dilemma

The Urban Institute has published an interesting report and interactive web project called "The Cost of Affordable Housing: Does it Pencil Out?" >>


Residential Loan Post

Hard Money/MO 8/23/2016
Property Type: Single Family Detached
Purpose: Purchase Loan Amt: 535,000
Occupancy: Non-Owner Occupied LTV: 80

Commercial Loan Post

Construction/MN 8/23/2016
Construction Project
Property Type: Commercial building lot
Purpose: Construction loan Loan Amt:2,000,000
Doc Type: LTV: 70


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