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SEO Copywriting to Generate Internet Leads

by  | Corporate
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Daily Internet leads from targeted prospects can motivate a loan professional to close more deals. Competitive mortgage advisers should spend the bulk of their time engaging with prospective borrowers and repeat clients versus hunting for leads. Search engine optimized copy is a way to create evergreen content that will dazzle readers and rank higher online. SEO copywriting compels borrowers to read informative content and to respond to a variety of calls-to-action.

Generating Internet Leads

Filling a pipeline with high-quality loan applications is the duty of a mortgage lending professional. Whether a mortgage adviser focuses on candidates for refinance loans or on strategies to acquire consistent purchase business, a viable lead generation strategy is an ideal way to obtain inbound Internet leads. Done correctly, a loan professional could have the opportunity to set higher closing goals and to crush previous sales records.

Generating Internet leads with SEO copywriting is a prudent way to maximize a mortgage adviser's time. A vibrant inbound marketing strategy will separate mortgage professionals who have borrowers waiting for a follow up call from sales reps who spend a disproportionate amount of time chasing their next deal. Some mortgage professionals spend thousands of dollars each year for Internet leads that are recycled among four or more lending institutions.

A smarter approach to lead generation could ignite a mortgage professional's ambition to make more money. Without some of the mundane tasks that are encountered in the mortgage business, a mortgage advisor can direct the bulk of their energy toward the most productive tasks -- writing quality loans.

How to Generate More Internet Leads With SEO Copywriting

Using a variety of web-based platforms, a mortgage advisor can reach thousands of prospective borrowers. A well-devised digital marketing strategy may be used to get the ball rolling. Crafting professional website content, blog posts, press releases and several social media profiles are some of the tools that a mortgage adviser can use to generate Internet leads. By consistently crafting engaging content, a mortgage advisor should realize a larger supply of inbound leads from borrowers who begin to value and trust their information.


Through all of the regulatory issues and daily hurdles, the mortgage business will continue to provide enormous opportunities for professionals who can generate sales. Since it's largely a numbers game, mortgage advisers would be wise to obtain a consistent supply of Internet leads from borrowers who are seeking financing. SEO copywriting can provide motivated professionals with an abundance of mortgage Internet leads.

Ray Cole has more than 20 years of mortgage industry experience and has written thousands of web-based articles about the lending business. He is also the Founder of Mobile Copywriter.

Mobile Copywriter provides SEO copywriting and Internet marketing strategies for sales professionals and for small business owners.

Topics: Residential business development | Residential marketing and lead generation
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SEO Copywriting to Generate Internet Leads

by Mobile Copywriter | Corporate
Posted: Jun 18, 2016  18:35 ET

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