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Top Originators 2016

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Mark your calendar:

  • Entry Deadline: January 31, 2017
  • Publication Date: April 2017
  • Enter now. The entry form will not be available after 11:59 pm on Jan. 31, 2017. There will be no exceptions for late entries or late verifications.


  • Include only your own production. Don’t include loan volume from any other party. 
  • No team submissions. Top Originators rankings are for individual originators. 
  • To be eligible for consideration, you must have a total residential loan volume of at least $40 million or have personally closed at least 100 home loans in 2016.
  • All loans must be made on residential one- to four-unit properties in the United States. Don’t include commercial or multifamily properties.
  • Volume and loan exceptions:
  • Applicants who fall short of one of these minimums still can be considered for rankings in niche-related categories, including FHA-loan volume, VA-loan volume, and USDA-loan volume.

Meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee placement on the Top Originators rankings, however. 


  • Scotsman Guide only requests verifications from entrants who are likely to make one or more of our lists. A verification request doesn’t indicate or guarantee placement, however.
  • Our verification requirements include providing a copy of the originator’s 2016 production report and our completed Verification Memo signed by a CPA, CFO or similar source.
  • Verifications must be received before the verification deadline. Follow-up inquires must be answered in a timely manner to avoid being removed from consideration for the rankings. 

Top FAQs

Is there a cost involved?

There is no cost to enter your data or to appear in Scotsman Guide's Top Originators rankings. It is absolutely free.

What if I make an error in my submission?

If you make any errors, you will have to complete the entry form in full and resubmit your data. To help avoid confusion, please let us know if you submit an entry more than once.

What if I worked for two companies in 2016?

For originators who worked for two companies in 2016, you may add up your totals from both companies and input them as your totals for the year on the entry form. Upon verification, however, originators will have to provide their production reports from both companies, and representatives from both companies will need to complete and sign the verification forms.

See our comprehensive FAQs.


Top Originators 2016 Entry Form

  2.  *
  3.  *
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  9.  *
  11.  * 
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  15. * Extension
  16.  *
  17.  *
  18.  * 
  19.  *  Extension
  20.  *
  21. 2016 VOLUME DATA
    Your total dollar volume should be the sum of your purchase, refi and HELOC volumes.
  22.  * 
  23.  * 
  24.  * 
  25.  * 
  26. 2016 LOAN DATA
    Your total number of loans should be the sum of your closed purchase, refi loans plus your closed HELOCs.
  27.  * 
  28.  * 
  29.  * 
  30.  * 
  31. 2016 NICHES
    Highlight the volume and closing ratio of your niche loans. Please don't round.
  32.  * 
  33.  * 
  34.  * 
  35. 2015 DATA
  36.  * 
  37.  * 
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