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Articles about Customer Service


Residential | March 2018 
How eLending Transforms the Industry
Digital mortgages have generated a lot of industry buzz in recent years, despite an ambiguous definition of what they actually are. Some refer to digital mortgages as a borrower’s ability to apply onl...
By Joe Tyrrell, executive vice president of corporate strategy, Ellie Mae

Residential | March 2018 
Create a Community of Clients
When it comes to the mortgage industry, business development is all about expanding your client list, gaining the trust and respect of your borrowers, and getting repeat business. To develop your busi...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Residential | March 2018 
Master the Conversion Game
There’s an old saying that nature provides the nuts, but it doesn’t crack them for you. Oftentimes, the toughest nuts to crack in business are leads. Sure, leads by themselves are great. They ca...
By Bubba Mills, CEO and owner, Corcoran Consulting & Coaching Inc.

Residential | March 2018 
Technology and Transparency
In a recent survey, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that three of the top concerns of modern homebuyers are the following: understanding the homebuying process, completing the paperwo...
By Eric Egenhoefer, president and CEO, Waterstone Mortgage Corp.

Residential | March 2018 
Embrace Technology or Risk Being Replaced
Throughout history, advances in technology, and the subsequent impact and change to daily life that they affect, have caused humans a fair amount of angst and anxiety. This has been particularly true ...
By Stephanie W. Casper, senior vice president and head of bridge lending, CoreVest American Finance

Residential | February 2018 
Homeownership-Assistance Options Abound
There are a lot of mortgage options available today: 30-year and 15-year terms, adjustable or fixed interest rates, lender-paid mortgage insurance and no mortgage insurance, and low-downpayment progra...
By Tonya Todd, senior vice president of strategic products, Mountain West Financial Inc.

Residential | February 2018 
Serve Veteran Borrowers Better
  Key Points Know the truth about VA loan program myths Veteran loan benefits expire – False. ...
By Todd Jones, president, BBMC Mortgage

Residential | February 2018 
Operations Keeps the Ball Rolling
Ask a group of CEOs who the most valuable employees are in their mortgage offices and, more than likely, most will say it’s the mortgage originators, which makes perfect sense. Originators are hi...
By Laura Fellman, senior vice president of operations, Churchill Mortgage

Residential | January 2018 
Go All-in With Digital Technology
The mortgage industry has been moving in piecemeal fashion toward achieving the dream of the 100 percent digital mortgage experience. Artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive engineering and pre...
By Gabe Minton, executive vice president and chief information officer, Guild Mortgage

Residential | January 2018 
The Power of Digital Transformation
Digital transformation can mean different things to different people, particularly in the diverse financial-services realm. Loan-processing centers may focus on eliminating paper while retail mortgage...
By Russ Gould, vice president of product and solutions marketing, Kofax

Commercial | July 2017 
Be Prepared to Close the Deal
Many new commercial mortgage brokers, especially residential brokers who do not regularly place commercial loans, do not adequately prepare themselves and their clients before contacting a commercia...
By Stephen A. Sobin, president and founder, Select Commercial Funding LLC

Residential | June 2017 
Rate Hike Calls for Reassurance
The Federal Reserve’s recent interest-rate increases — 0.25 percentage-point increases in December 2016 and again this past March — and the high likelihood of future increases on the horizon may not s...
By Mike Kinane, head of consumer lending, TD Bank

Commercial | June 2017 
Fintech Is Bridging the Gap
The traditional commercial real estate loan underwriting process is less than efficient. The strict operating guidelines imposed on banks through regulations such as the Dodd-Frank Act and the Basel I...
By Evan Gentry, CEO and founder, Money360

Residential | May 2017 
Bring Back the Buy-Down
Prior to the mortgage meltdown, “buying down” the interest rate — or paying points to refinance — was commonplace in the industry. Over the past decade, however, there has been a shift, with bor...
By Aron Rofer, president and general counsel, Power Choice Mortgage Advisors


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