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2nd Mortgages


Citadel Servicing Corp.
Minimum FICO 550. Owner-occupied only. Property types include SFR only. CLTVs to 70% for owner-occupied (full doc or bank statements for self employed). Minimum loan amount $30,000. Max loan amount $250,000. 30- or 15-year amortization. No prepayment penalties. Current 1st TD must be $500,000 or less with a rate no higher than 6.5%. We allow short sales older than 1 year to 70% LTV and recently settled short sales to 65% LTV.
Lending Territory: AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA

PSG Capital Partners Inc.
We offer 2nd TD to 70% and up  to $1.5M. We lend primarily in Southern California: LA, Riverside, San Diego and Ventura counties. For fast pricing, e-mail John at
Lending Territory: CA

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