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Lender Dashboard 


All matrix advertisers use the Lender Dashboard app to enter and maintain the content of matrix and directory advertising.  We assign you a login when your company begins its advertising.  We teach our advertisers how to use the app via Webinar. This interface allows you to:

  •     Update your Matrix & Lender Directory content online
  •     Create program information uniquely suited to the online or print publication
  •     Upload directory logos from your desktop
  •     Manage all your data efficiently in one location
   Login to Lender Dashboard

Login to Lender Dashboard.  Navigate to your matrix/directory, locate the Edit radio button and click it.  You can then use your keyboard and mouse to enter the data into the online form.  Click Submit to send the data in to us.  Log out or X-out when you finish.  The Matrix department reviews and approves the data which generates proofs that are e-mailed to you. 

​Click the Quick Reference "?" button on each input page to view an instructive .pdf that illustrates the use of the interface to create the end-result printed page.

View the Matrix and Lender Directory Style Sheet (.pdf) for tips on writing your matrix and directory listing to match Scotsman Guide style.

Arrange Webinar training with Michelle Settimo, the Matrix Analyst, who you can contact at 425-984-6009 or



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