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Commercial Department: From the Editor: April 2008


From the Editor

Talk of a global community in the so-called information age has perpetuated the myth of the universal truth.

In other words, access to wider, more-varied depth of data doesn’t guarantee the success of a mainstream solution. We may know more. But we also know that how something plays in Peoria isn’t always indicative of its success everywhere.

In fact, as numerous articles point out in this month’s Scotsman Guide, a one-size-fits-all mentality has found new ways to bite us. Two ways in particular:

Multifamily-market awareness: Just because two multifamily developments each happen to bear the same vinyl siding doesn’t mean they face the same future. As the lending climate ebbs and flows, markets deserve increased scrutiny on a local level. Said developments might thrive in New Jersey, which Cushman and Wakefield’s Jose Cruz analyzes and tank in Los Angeles, which Reis Inc.’s Victor Calanog and Chris Stanley look at here.

Meanwhile, associate editor Melinda Young examines other facets of the L.A. market in this month’s Spotlight.

Green temperance: Environmentally friendly, green business practices are en vogue in just about all business sectors -- including the mortgage industry, as numerous articles point out in this edition.

Office buildings are going green and developers are promoting environmentally conscious projects. Even developers’ custom publications, as was the case with one magazine I picked up recently, tout their green production and distribution methods.

Although this approach has numerous tangible and public-relations benefits, which Cornerstone Funding Services Inc.’s Craig Grella covers, there still are reasons for brokers to be cautious.

Green facilities can be more expensive to insure. Conversely, as American Risk Management Resources Network LLC’s David Dybdahl writes here, lenders’ risk-management protocol haven’t always caught up to the risks involved in green developments -- which could leave them and brokers in a precarious position if a loan on one of these properties starts to wilt.


Tony Stasiek was an editor at Scotsman Guide. For questions on this article, call (800) 297-6061 or e-mail

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