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Commercial Department: From The Editor: March 2019


From The Editor

Stick with us and you’ll continue reaping rewards

It’s difficult to quantify how much I’ve learned about the real estate finance industry while producing 23 issues of this magazine over the course of nearly two years. After all, when I first arrived at Scotsman Guide following a 15-year career as a newspaper reporter, I couldn’t have explained the difference between an LTV and a BLT.

c_2019-03_FTE Our March magazine, with its focus on business development, will be my last as editor of the commercial edition. I won’t be going far away, however, as my next move takes me literally 10 feet across our offices to the Editor in Chief’s desk. It’s a role with less visibility from the audience perspective — I’m no longer the face of the magazine in terms of recruiting and interacting with our authors, for example — but one that’s no less vital in making Scotsman Guide the premier publication for mortgage originators.

It would be a disservice to not mention the exceptional work done by our outgoing Editor in Chief, Bill Conroy, who continually molded this company’s two monthly magazines into perennial award winners. He did so by insisting upon the highest journalistic standards of accurate, fair and informative content. Bill will be greatly missed and it’s my goal to keep this machine well-oiled and highly performing.

Returning author Igor Zhizhin of American Street Capital LLC aims to give your business some tune-up tips in our lead article on Page 31. In “Develop a Magic Touch,” Zhizhin writes about the importance of utilizing technology to recruit and retain clients. Commercial mortgage brokers who go above and beyond in their customer-service efforts will see the payoff in the form of increased referrals and more closed loans, Zhizhin says.

New author Mark Monro of Seattle Funding Group also takes a business-development tact with his article on Page 65. Similar to other sales-based industries, 80 percent of mortgages are originated by 20 percent of the workforce, and Monro advises brokers that being proactive, honing your sales techniques and narrowing the focus of your marketing tactics can keep you in that highly performing group.

On Page 36, new author Lukas Bull of Prime Commercial Lending makes the case for being a master of FICO credit scores. Many borrowers have credit issues that make them less attractive to traditional lenders, Bull writes, so they’ll seek out brokers who can offer solutions — whether that’s improving their payment history, utilizing less credit or requesting a credit-line increase.

On Page 89, returning author Ben Kadish of Maverick Commercial Mortgage Inc. frames the niche-financing sector of manufactured-housing communities (MHCs) as a business-development issue. More lenders are offering loans for MHCs these days as investors look to address affordable-housing shortages, and brokers should know these properties are shedding their stereotypes as outdated trailer parks, Kadish says.

If you’re new to the mortgage industry or looking to open your own business, there are a lot of details that can get overlooked. Surety bonds — which are similar to insurance, but protect clients rather than brokers — are a common regulatory requirement that you should know about. Eric Weisbrot of JW Surety Bonds lays out the pertinent details of these products in his article on Page 82.

Construction-financing expert Garry Barnes of PW Partners Consultancy caps this month’s content on Page 52, where he meticulously deciphers the documentation process for ground-up development projects.

The business-development focus is particularly relevant this month as we undergo our own changes. Chief Reporter Victor Whitman, who has deep knowledge of the residential and commercial mortgage industries, will be the next editor of Scotsman Guide Commercial Edition. Send him a shout-out at


Neil Pierson is editor in chief of Scotsman Guide Media. Reach him at or (800) 297-6061.

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