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Articles about Affordable Housing


Residential | September 2019 
Assemble the American Dream
For people interested in getting the most out of their dollar, manufactured homes remain one of the most affordable homeownership options available. Depending on the region of the country, a new...
By Bill Packer, executive vice president and chief operations officer, American Financial Resources Inc.

Commercial | March 2019 
Lay down a Path to Affordable Housing
As the affordable-housing crisis rages on, the demand for affordable-living options continues to rise, providing new opportunities for commercial mortgage brokers and their investor clients seeking to...
By Ben Kadish, president and founder, Maverick Commercial Mortgage Inc.

Commercial | January 2019 
Tap Into the Promise of the Rental Market
About 43 million American households rent rather than own their homes because of convenience, cost or both, according to The Pew Charitable Trusts. The decision to rent rather than own hinges on sever...
By Michael Oddi, chief marketing officer, Velocity Mortgage Capital

Commercial | January 2019 
Turn a Triple Play
About 43 percent of Americans live in rental properties, the highest percentage since 1965, according to a Pew Research Center analysis. Tighter home-purchase loan requirements, millennials with a des...
By Michael Miller, chief marketing officer, 5 Arch

Commercial | November 2018 
Renters Are the New Gold Standard
During the second half of 2018, the commercial real estate market has adapted to major shifts occurring within the multifamily sector since 2017. Last year saw a significant increase in renters over h...
By Daniel Palmier, founder, president, and CEO, UC Funds

Commercial | November 2018 
Grab onto Affordable-Housing Solutions
A lack of affordable housing continues to plague the United States. There simply isn’t enough new construction in either the for-sale or rental categories to meet today’s needs. Several factors ...
By Pat Jackson, CEO, Sabal Capital Partners LLC

Commercial | July 2018 
Explore the Freddie Mac Fast Track
Cities around the United States have been suffering from a housing-affordability crisis for a number of years. The gap between the supply of and demand for affordable housing has been growing as the c...
By Joshua Reiss, vice president, Hunt Mortgage Group

Residential | January 2018 
Homes Are not Overpriced
One of the most frustrating aspects of the housing industry these days is the state of first-time homebuyers, who have been missing in action. According to data from the National Association of R...
By Brent Nyitray, director of capital markets, iServe Residential Lending

Residential | September 2017 
Reducing Barriers to Homeownership
Although many believe the economy and the housing market have rebounded from the 2008 global financial crisis, numerous areas of the country will continue to experience housing challenges for years to...
By Danny Gardner, vice president of single-family affordable lending, Freddie Mac

Commercial | August 2017 
Duty to Serve
Freddie Mac’s proposed Duty to Serve plan seeks to bring liquidity, stability and cost-effectiveness to housing markets that have been underserved for generations. While Freddie Mac serves all segment...
By David Leopold, vice president, Freddie Mac Multifamily

Residential | April 2017 
Why Homes Are out of Reach
The United States entered 2017 with an economy still sluggish in the aftermath of the largest recession in decades and business outlooks reflecting uncertainty about the direction the new presidential...
By Jim Jumpe, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Arch Mortgage Insurance Co.

Residential | February 2016 
Home-Financing Options Take Center Stage
Many mortgage professionals might remember the 1980s as a time when they had big hair or a mullet, listened to Bon Jovi or Madonna on a cassette tape inside a boom box and drank Tab soda...
By Tonya Todd, senior vice president of strategic products, Mountain West Financial Inc.

Residential | December 2015 
Upward Bound
Key Points Trends in the nation's housing market ...
By Jeffrey C. Taylor, co-founder and managing partner, Digital Risk

Residential | June 2004 
Listen! Do You Want to Know a Secret?
Rural Housing! Affordable Housing! Manufactured Housing! These are six very important words.  Recently, I wrote an article touting the use of a unique and mostly unused method of financi...
By Tony Evans, Director of the Rural Housing Division, Sierra Pacific Home Loans, Inc.

Commercial | September 2005 
The Demand for Affordable Housing
The demand for affordable housing is on the rise nationwide and is a critical socio-economic issue in many states. Skyrocketing single-family home prices combined with land shortages in urban locati...
By Hunter L. Johnson, president and chief executive officer, LINC Housing


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