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Articles about Branding


Residential | September 2004 
Brand Your Image by Letting the “Real You” Shine Through
I have been through two major refinance cycles in my career. Each time that rates drop considerably, I see an influx of new loan officers to the industry. Likewise, when rates go up and the phones ...
By Tim Braheem, CEO, LoanToolbox

Residential | January 2005 
Brand Your Brokerage
Lately there has been a lot of talk about the importance of branding in the lending industry, but many mortgage brokerages have been reluctant to jump on the branding bandwagon. Unless your company ...
By Stephen Corsi, Senior Vice President of marketing, First Franklin Financial Corporation

Residential | November 2006 
5 Ways to Win
We all hear that the mortgage market is changing. We hear that the strong will gain market share, and the weak will struggle. But despite the changing market, which requires top-notch bus...
By Jack Davis, president, Jack Davis and Associates

Residential | September 2006 
Strike up the Brand
New technologies are forcing mortgage-industry professionals to rethink how they communicate with clients. Certainly, mortgage professionals should adopt an integrated-marketing-communications appro...
By James Feldman, president, Shift Happens!

Residential | August 2006 
7 Ingredients for Top Originators
There have been many studies performed and articles written on top producers. Regardless of the field they are in, top producers always seem to have a common thread. This has led me to believe that ...
By Chad Weber, owner, Average Joe L.O.

Residential | April 2006 
The Difference Is You
Do you know what distinguishes you from your competition? If customers would have a difficult time pinpointing what makes you unique as a mortgage professional, consider taking a closer look at your...
By Salomon Wancier, vice president of marketing communications, Silver Hill Financial LLC

Residential | March 2006 
Branding ‘You Inc.’
Consumers are drawn into business with some companies because of the brand image these companies portray. It is no different in the mortgage industry. To attract clients, mortgage professionals shou...
By Delaina Mitchell, first vice president, No Red Tape Mortgage

Residential | May 2007 
To Build Your Business, Get Published
In the mortgage industry, branding is essential for your continued success. Whether you are a mortgage originator, broker or company-owner, branding your business likely will boost your networking ...
By Dr. Ivan Misner, founder and chairman, BNI; and Ed Craine, CEO, Smith Craine Finance

Residential | April 2007 
Looking for Business? Take 4 Steps
If you have decided to diversify and increase your product offerings, then you likely have already realized the value of crossing over to commercial brokering. Including products such as small-balan...
By Michael Boggiano, national sales manager, Silver Hill Funding

Residential | March 2007 
What’s in a Name? More Than You May Think
Centuries ago, William Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This poignant statement has stood the te...
By Kellene Bishop, CEO, CFS Association Inc.

Residential | February 2007 
The Face of Integrity
In today’s changing mortgage climate, it has become increasingly important for mortgage professionals to be people clients can trust. You may not think of integrity as something deservin...
By Tami Athens, president, Commercial Loans R Us LLC

Residential | January 2007 
Brand Yourself Effectively
Many mortgage brokers have a hard time distinguishing themselves from their competition. To better develop and sell mortgage services, brokers must recognize the power of branding — and brand themse...
By Sammy Averbuch, co-founder, Providential Bancorp Ltd.

Residential | January 2008 
Build Equity in Your Brand
Have you ever wondered why a national coffee chain can charge more for a cup of coffee than a local doughnut shop -- even when they are selling the same coffee? It’s because of brand equity. ...
By Chadd S.J. Ciccarelli , founder and CEO, The Ciccarelli Group

Residential | December 2009 
A New Decade, a New Outlook
Mortgage brokers saw a lot of changes this past year, and more are on the way. Many brokers are asking themselves: What's coming next? How do I handle it? and What should I do wi...
By Tim Davis, sales and marketing speaker, coach and author, The Originators Guide

Residential | December 2014 
Unmasking Your New Brand
Picture for a moment a job opportunity you wouldn’t want to pass up. Hold it up like a mask and look into an imaginary mirror. What would it look like? Perhaps it’s a chance to pioneer a nation...
By Ed Gosselin, vice president of mortgage lending, Guaranteed Rate


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