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Articles about Bridge Lending


Commercial | June 2014 
Lending Delays Ahead? Take the Right Exit
Savvy mortgage professionals know that having a backup plan for financing is essential in today’s lending environment. This is especially true when the first option for a loan is through a government-...
By Corey Curwick Dutton, founder, Private Money Utah

Commercial | May 2014 
Escape the Lending Gap with Bridge Loans
Many people, including new commercial mortgage professionals, misunderstand the purpose of a bridge loan. Understanding and utilizing bridge loans, however, is important because they can be effectiv...
By Don Pelgrim, owner and CEO, Wilshire Finance Partners; and Brian Murphy, senior vice president of sales, Wilshire Finance Partners

Commercial | January 2009 
Cutting the Fat from Foreclosures
Nationwide increases in mortgage-default volume have created a crisis for lenders and borrowers. Although the news remains focused on residential mortgage defaults and foreclosures, the commercial mor...
By Joshua Deutsch, senior partner, Deutsch & Schneider LLP

Commercial | July 2010 
Bridge Lenders Extend Their Reach
Before spring 2007, commercial mortgage borrowers often could forgo the process of engaging a mortgage broker to source financing for them and write their own term sheets, send it to the lender of the...
By Erik L. Dowling, vice president, Strategic Capital Solutions LLC

Commercial | June 2010 
Building Bridges in the REO Realm
Banks find themselves with an unprecedented number of foreclosures, real estate owned properties (REOs) and delinquent loans on their hands. These banks seek buyers who can pay cash or who have a line...
By Stephan Kachani, vice president of sales and marketing, Lone Oak Fund

Commercial | May 2010 
What a Bridge Lender Wants
The challenging times we find ourselves in, especially in the mortgage-lending industry, demand that we improve every aspect of our professional lives. Mortgage brokers who submit deals to bridge lend...
By Brian O’Shaughnessy, CEO, Athas Capital Group

Commercial | January 2010 
The Secret to Finding a Lender That Closes Quickly
Although many commercial mortgage borrowers and lenders are licking their wounds from a tumultuous couple of years, opportunistic real estate investors can benefit from the current market dislocation....
By Erik Stamell, managing director, Retail Capital

Commercial | November 2011 
Cross the Bridge to Funding Success
From 1999 through 2007, commercial mortgage brokers were seemingly at the top of their game. Many brokers made an impressive amount of money -- more than they ever had before. When the bottom fell out...
By Stephan Kachani, vice president of sales and marketing, Lone Oak Fund

Commercial | August 2012 
Build a Bridge to Stability
The recession has left numerous  properties across all commercial real estate categories troubled. These properties can provide opportunities with substantial upside if they receive the appropria...
By Gregg Wolfer, chief operating officer, Kennedy Funding Inc.

Commercial | May 2012 
Climbing Out of Distress
Many loans that were made at the height of the market are coming to maturity this year and for the next few years — and many of these properties are already underwater. In 2012 alone, Trepp LLC antici...
By Jeffrey Wolfer, president and CEO, Silver Arch Capital Partners

Commercial | February 2012 
It’s Time to Upgrade
Commercial mortgage brokers  who work with hotel deals may spot a growing need for the financing of renovations in the market this year. Franchisees of hotel brands seem to be under growing press...
By Jon S. Wright, president and CEO, Access Point Financial Inc.; and Heather Duvall, senior vice president of business development, Access Point Financial Inc

Commercial | May 2013 
Stepping Out of Distress
In today’s marketplace, many transactions still are burdened by distressed situations, and mortgage professionals often strive to find alternatives to traditional lending. In these situations, bridge ...
By Dan DeMott, vice president, Forman Capital


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