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Articles about Business Development


Residential | December 2017 
Constructing Relationships
Inspirational writer Anthony J. D’Angelo once wrote, “Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.” Not all construction and development efforts in the housing industry happen on a build si...
By Bubba Mills, CEO and owner, Corcoran Consulting & Coaching Inc.

Residential | December 2017 
Prepare for a Changing of the Guard
At a Glance Sales- and leadership-training company XINNIX surveyed 600 new mortgage professionals in 2015. The poll found the following: Sixty-one percent of respondents had some level of prio...
By Kyle Nicholas McCray, director of innovations, American Pacific Mortgage

Residential | December 2017 
Make Success an Intentional Act
Business planning is a critical item often overlooked by mortgage originators today. Many originators are fixated on a plan that essentially says, “Let’s just close as many loans as possible.” They of...
By Bryan Lovell, national sales manager for strategic alliances, VanDyk Mortgage

Residential | December 2017 
A Home in Need of a Hug
More online Read more about renovation loan products at: ...
By Jeff Lee, assistant vice president of renovation lending, Fairway Independent Mortgage; and Dan Ventura, branch manager, Fairway Independent Mortgage

Residential | December 2017 
Renovating and the Art of Origination
This has been an interesting year in the housing market. As of this past June, the number of U.S. Homes for sale was down nearly 45 percent from its peak in 2011, according to a recent Zillow Housing ...
By Laura Brandao, president, American Financial Resources

Residential | December 2017 
A Home Loan Trend to Watch
The residential real estate market continues to move ahead at a breakneck pace as the Great Recession moves further into distance in the rearview mirror. Wages are up, unemployment is down and interes...
By Robert Verrino, production support executive, Florida Capital Bank

Residential | December 2017 
Build a Bigger Business With Builders
  Key Points Five things to know when working with builders Construction market landscape ...
By Jim Colella, vice president, national builder program manager, Guaranteed Rate

Residential | December 2017 
A Bridge to Opportunity
Many residential mortgage originators are familiar with the traditional bridge loan as a strategy to increase activity in the residential purchase market. These short-term, often interest-only loans a...
By Paul Smoot, director of wholesale originations, LendingOne

Residential | November 2017 
Global Lending Is Within Your Grasp
In general, large U.S. retail and consumer banks, and most wholesale lenders do not offer residential mortgage loans to international borrowers. This means an enormous opportunity exists for community...
By Jim Picciotto, senior mortgage loan originator, TCB

Residential | November 2017 
HECM Is Going Mainstream
Historically, many loan originators have viewed reverse mortgages as a fringe loan product. They often silo their reverse mortgage operations, if any, as separate lines of business off to the side of ...
By Wendy Peel, vice president of sales and marketing, ReverseVision

Residential | November 2017 
Cultivating Realtor Relationships
All originators know that working on purchase loans can be tough. The buyer, seller and respective Realtors are relying on the originator to come through and to be on time. This means lot...
By Brian Kent, general manager, C2 Financial Corp.

Residential | November 2017 
Mortgage Lending’s Golden Hour
Through the decades, the mortgage industry has experienced dramatic swings of product availability. After the housing crisis, many products vanished, but we are now entering the golden hour,...
By Denis G. Kelly, senior vice president of correspondent/national wholesale, Sprout Mortgage

Residential | November 2017 
Convert Prospects to Partners
  Key Points How to build business relationships Meet Realtors and builders face to face. ...
By Heather Keith, director of marketing, Supreme Lending

Residential | November 2017 
Earn Bigger Paychecks
If you’ve been a mortgage originator for any length of time, you’ve had your ups and downs in the business. Residential lending rules and regulations have risen to a record level of complexi...
By Tami Butler, commercial finance specialist and founder, Sizzling Hot Business

Residential | November 2017 
Pack a Punch With Team Power
As we wind down 2017 and start to plan for 2018, what can you do as an individual originator to increase your overall mortgage production? That is a question we all contemplate as we plan fo...
By Dennis Black, CEO, Dennis Black and Associates


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