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Articles about Business Development


Residential | May 2013 
Build Business Through Storytelling
For many, this is the age of social media, a time when consumers turn not to the television and newspaper for their information, but rather look to friends — real and virtual — in their online social ...
By Rick Grant, principal, Rick Grant & Associates

Residential | April 2013 
Get Online and Get Noticed
With more than 500 million users on Facebook, hundreds of millions of tweets sent daily and more than 200 million registered users on LinkedIn, it’s not a question of if your company should leverage s...
By Ondar Tarlow, senior vice president and director of marketing, Impac Mortgage

Residential | April 2013 
Climbing Up and Out
The time has come. Your brokerage or correspondent lending company is profitable and established. You are debt free. The market is improving. It is time to cash in on your small business. If this i...
By Robert M. Rubin, principal, The Business Loan Connection

Residential | April 2013 
The Business of Branding
The term “personal branding” may be a phrase you’ve heard a lot in recent years, sometimes being heralded as an indispensable marketing tool. But what exactly is a “personal brand” and what makes it i...
By Chip Poli, founder and CEO, Poli Mortgage Group Inc.

Residential | April 2013 
Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
For many mortgage bankers and brokers with quality staff members, tight operations and fiscal discipline, 2012 proved to be a strong year — and quite a rebound from 2011. Those who succeeded were rewa...
By Vince Parlove, president, Michigan Mutual Inc.

Residential | April 2013 
5 Tips for Successful Recruitment
In the past few years, many mortgage banks and brokerages have seen a shortage in their talent pools. Whether you realize it or not, the mortgage industry may be in the midst of an emerging talent cri...
By Jamie Amaral, co-founder, IntelliTalent

Residential | March 2013 
5 Tech Tips for Busy Mortgage Brokers
Fiscal cliffs notwithstanding, the economy seems to be on the rebound. Supported by low interest rates, many new homeowners have gained the confidence to enter the market, and experienced buyers are r...
By Mike Pugh, vice president of marketing, j2 Global Inc.

Residential | March 2013 
Climbing Capitol Hill
With the 2012 election cycle now squarely in the rear-view mirror, it’s time for mortgage professionals to make their elected officials hear their voices. Lobbying is an important part of the mortgage...
By Gary Opper, managing member, Levie-Opper LLC

Residential | March 2013 
Finding Your Focus
For many mortgage brokers and originators, finding a market niche in which to specialize proved to be one of the best survival tactics during the recession. Many focused, for instance, on a few of the...
By Michael Mekler, founder and owner, Liberty First Capital

Residential | March 2013 
An Introduction to Warehouse Funding
It’s no secret that low interest rates have fueled a spike in mortgage refinancing activity. For mortgage bankers, this can present operational challenges to process, underwrite and close loans in a t...
By Susan Johnson, vice president, Fidelity Bank

Residential | March 2013 
Investing in Your Investors
The past five years in the mortgage industry have been marked by constant change. The number of available mortgage products has declined, underwriting criteria have tightened, countless companies have...
By Stuart Blend, regional sales manager, Planet Home Lending

Residential | February 2013 
Make 2013 a Record Year
If there was ever a time to set your sights on a personal best production year, this would be it. Consider the unique combination of several factors, all of which combine to make 2013 especially auspi...
By Doug Smith, president, Douglas Smith & Associates

Residential | February 2013 
All Eyes on the Housing Recovery
After years of negative news and plunging trends, signs of recovery in the housing market have given rise to cautious optimism in many regions across the nation. Although it may be too early to celebr...
By Eric Fox, vice president of statistical and economic modeling, Veros

Residential | February 2013 
Appraise the Situation
With the recent surge in regulations, it’s become increasingly difficult for mortgage professionals to find compliant business partners. As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) gears up its...
By Aaron Fowler, president and co-founder, United States Appraisals

Residential | February 2013 
Add a Little Zest to Your Pot of Products
In the current economic climate, an increasing number of mortgage bankers are looking into government-backed loans as a way to expand the breadth of their products and increase their market share. Con...
By Julie Flatland, vice president of credit, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC


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