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Articles about Business Development


Residential | February 2013 
Keeping Pliant and Compliant
Not long ago, there were elements of the mortgage industry that, for many mortgage brokers and originators, took a higher priority than compliance. Now, however, with regulations being issued by the C...
By Brian C. Coester, CEO, Coester Valuation Management Services

Residential | February 2013 
Renovation Revolution
Many mortgage brokers and originators have noticed a growing number of cash buyers for residential real estate. These sales often involve distressed properties that require a significant amount of rep...
By Bill Ashmore, president and chief operating officer, Impac Mortgage

Residential | February 2013 
The Paperless Path to Recovery
The mortgage industry appears to be stabilizing after several years of turmoil. The mortgage brokers, originators and bankers who have survived the downturn now face new challenges arising from more s...
By Nancy Alley, vice president and general manager, Xerox Mortgage Services

Residential | January 2013 
See Eye to Eye With Underwriters
The phrase “common-sense underwriting” has become pretty common through the years, but it’s especially prevalent in these days of tightened credit and tough underwriting criteria. The question is: Wha...
By Darrin Stobaugh, consultant

Residential | January 2013 
Learn to Think Like an Underwriter
An underwriter has an important role in the mortgage industry, and it carries a heavy responsibility. Underwriters must determine if the borrower has a reasonable ability to repay the loan and if the ...
By Sharmen Lane, senior instructor, Loan Officer School

Residential | January 2013 
5 Tips for Stronger HR
Start-up companies face a number of tall tasks at their onset, and ensuring high-quality human-resources (HR) services can be a difficult task. At a time when many mortgage banks and brokerages are op...
By Suzanne Gonsalves, senior human resources leader, Bexil American Mortgage Inc; and Linda Brawley-Carroll, director of talent management and development, Bexil American Mortgage Inc

Residential | January 2013 
Committing to an E-Mortgage System
Most mortgage industry professionals have embraced the numerous technological developments that have occurred in the past decade. Taken as a whole, these changes have significantly enhanced the overal...
By Joshua K. Erskine, CEO, CalCon Mutual

Residential | January 2013 
Build a Company that Lasts
The mortgage industry’s roller coaster ride of interest-rate cycles has led many banks and brokerages to forego built-to-last management techniques in favor of a get-it-while-it’s-good approach. It’s ...
By Paul Anastos, president, Mortgage Master

Residential | January 2011 
Tackle 2011 with a Strong E-mail Plan
Today's mortgage brokers face several challenges, including: Client acquisition and conversion. The mortgage industry is competitive. Acquiring new clients is one of the greatest challenges new and...
By Melanie Attia, director of software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing, e-SignLive

Residential | January 2013 
Focus on Interaction and Education
As 2013 begins, many mortgage professionals are focused on creating paths to becoming more successful. For some, 2012 was a frustrating year. It always felt as though the economy was taking one step f...
By Joe Amoroso, director of national sales, Real Estate Mortgage Network Inc.

Residential | October 2012 
A Matter of Perspective
Technology has long been a major part of mortgage brokers’ and originators’ lives, with each passing year witnessing a growing array of tools for improving marketing tactics, lead collection and sales...
By Scott Schang, branch manager, Broadview Mortgage

Residential | October 2012 
Rebuilding and Reenergizing
Rebrand your business with focus and drive The mortgage industry can be a fickle place — as any branch manager, loan officer or broker who’s been laid off knows all too well. In these difficult tim...
By Dana Mundy, certified mortgage planner and branch manager, Cherry Creek Mortgage

Residential | October 2012 
What’s in Your Toolkit?
For many mortgage brokers and originators, technology has been the driving agent for improving numerous aspects of day-to-day operations. One of the most important tools in the proverbial box is now s...
By Michael Mekler, founder and owner, Liberty First Capital

Residential | October 2012 
4 Winning Tech Traits
Various sporting events often have been used as analogies for teaching lessons about hard work and dedication. And, with the Olympics coming to an end just a few months ago, it seems appropriate to co...
By Ken Marlin, vice president of business development, Xerox Mortgage Services

Residential | October 2012 
Breathe Easy
As any mortgage professional still working today can attest, the industry certainly has taken its lumps throughout the past few years. Even now, the effects of the recession have yet to fade from the ...
By John Izzolino, senior loan officer, Omega Financial Services Inc.


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