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Articles about Capital Markets


Commercial | May 2009 
Cap Rates: That's a Wrap?
With increasing capitalization rates and tightening capital, real estate values are declining each day. From 2002 to '08, if a property-owner maintained a level net operating income (NOI)...
By Greg Clauson, commercial adviser, Coldwell Banker Commercial United, Realtors

Commercial | March 2009 
Alternative Ways to Raise Capital
Even with the pullback in commercial lending, there still are several ways that borrowers can create capital to meet lenders' tightened underwriting standards. Mortgage brokers can help t...
By G. Alex Morfesis, owner, Trusted Capital Solutions LLC

Commercial | July 2014 
Get Real About Want and Need
Anyone who has ever been shopping in the presence of a young child has seen what happens when want overrides need. Children tend to want everything that catches their eyes, but parents know better wha...
By David Kocharhook, vice president of sales, 1st PMF Bancorp

Commercial | June 2014 
Large-Scale Construction Projects Are Back
The time has come for commercial mortgage brokers to work the large-scale projects that they were forced to shelve during the beginning of the financial crisis, thanks to a change taking place in th...
By Milton Franklin, founder and president, Commercial Mortgage Exchange Inc.

Commercial | April 2014 
Q&A: Mike Italiano, Capital Markets Partnership
Can green building bonds reverse climate change? Even though “green” may be a hot buzzword in real estate construction, the drive toward sustainable building practices has been a decades-long jou...
By Kurt Stephan, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | January 2014 
Lifting the Burden of Raising Capital
For many commercial mortgage brokers who aren’t familiar with private lending, what it takes to raise capital effectively to fund loans can be a mystery. Although brokers typically don’t get involved ...
By Matt Burk, founder and CEO, Fairway America

Commercial | October 2013 
Show Your Clients the Money
Cash is what powers any business. Without cash, businesses can’t be functional and will run risks ranging from lawsuits to tax liens to dissolution. Because almost all lending sources have tightene...
By David Kocharhook, vice president of sales, 1st PMF Bancorp

Residential | August 2013 
How the Small Survive
Contrary to some industry opinions, boutique mortgage lenders still can survive in today’s economy, but they must stress three key factors: capital, ethics and service. The opportunity for these organ...
By Manuel V. Sicre, chief financial officer, EMP Medical Services and Central Medical Equipment Rental

Commercial | November 2010 
Assessing Asset-Based Lending
As bank credit remains scarce and  small- and middle-market companies struggle to find ways to finance their businesses, many commercial mortgage brokers seek alternative ways to help their clien...
By Biff Ruttenberg, founding member, Atlas Partners LLC

Commercial | November 2010 
Reform’s Reach
Since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act this past July, there has been much confusion and speculation about its possible impact on commercial real estate. Th...
By Lauren Rushak, partner, Thorp Reed & Armstrong LLP

Commercial | July 2010 
Bridge Lenders Extend Their Reach
Before spring 2007, commercial mortgage borrowers often could forgo the process of engaging a mortgage broker to source financing for them and write their own term sheets, send it to the lender of the...
By Erik L. Dowling, vice president, Strategic Capital Solutions LLC

Commercial | April 2010 
3 Trends Shifting the Tide
The commercial real estate industry's challenges have brought new and expanded opportunities. Many prospects will arise from three key trends this year. Distressed services will expand; Capi...
By Ryan Chapman, vice president, Johnson Capital

Commercial | September 2011 
Debt Capital Growth Gains Momentum
Many indicators suggest that the  market for commercial real estate debt capital has been growing this year. Numerous bank lenders have indicated they are more active; insurance-company lenders have c...
By Jerome Sanzo, consultant to private funds and adjunct lecturer, NYU's Schack Institute of Real Estate

Commercial | July 2011 
Piecing Together the Credit Puzzle
U.S. Small Business Administration  (SBA) loans are increasingly popular in today’s tightened credit markets. But with SBA loans — like with any loan — borrowers must meet the right criteria, and...
By Janie Sacco, vice president, Harborstone Credit Union

Commercial | December 2012 
5 Tips for Forming Mortgage Pools
For many private-money loan originators, putting together a mortgage pool or fund can mean taking their business to the next level. This step typically provides loan originators with more control, bet...
By Matt Burk, founder and CEO, Fairway America


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