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Commercial | May 2017 
The Multifamily Market Enters a New Era
The multifamily real estate market has been on the rise in recent years. Real estate research company CoStar Group, for example, reported that loan originations increased by 26 percent year over year ...
By Yuen Yung, chief executive officer, Casoro Capital

Commercial | May 2017 
Find the Best Loan for the Borrower
Interest rates are going to continue to rise. That’s the general consensus among experts in various sectors of the financial industry, and commercial mortgage brokers will need to keep that in mind wh...
By Melissa Foxall, underwriter, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | May 2017 
Play the PACE Card
  Key Points ...
By Contributing Author, Special to Scotsman Guide

Commercial | May 2017 
Close the Deal With a Little Help
Small-balance bridge lending in the commercial real estate market exists in a sort of parallel universe to the world of large institutional real estate finance. “Small-balance” is generally defined as...
By Jan B. Brzeski, managing director and chief investment officer, Arixa Capital Advisors LLC and Crosswind Financial

Commercial | April 2017 
Hotels March to Their Own Beat
Should we lend to a hotel buyer? This is an important question for lenders and, consequently, for commercial mortgage brokers working hotel deals. First and foremost, what is a hotel? Obviously, ...
By Jay Litt, president, The Litt Group

Commercial | April 2017 
Alleviate Lending Headaches
There is no bigger headache for a broker or a property owner than getting a loan approved but then losing funding over an environmental issue. What can brokers do to protect their deals from this kind...
By D. Lynn Howells, underwriter, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | April 2017 
Covering the Green Bases
Understanding and properly documenting commercial properties’ green features can assist mortgage brokers in making a strong case for the value of energy-efficient buildings when dealing with lenders. ...
By Jim Amorin, president, The Appraisal Institute

Commercial | February 2017 
Financing Courage
Have you ever hit a brick wall with a traditional lender when working with a borrower that has a lingering lien, a property with environmental issues or even a pending bankruptcy? When conventio...
By Kevin Wolfer, president and CEO, Kennedy Funding Financial LLC

Commercial | February 2017 
Find the Best Alternative
  SIDEBAR Key Questions As lenders show interest in a client’s project, it is important t...
By Mark Fogel, president and CEO, ACRES Capital

Commercial | February 2017 
Leaping Toward Asset Transparency
Reasonable people can disagree about whether specific provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act go too far in regulating financial institutions and instruments, but f...
By Jim Flaherty, CEO,

Residential | February 2017 
Protect Against Rising Rates
The new year has just begun, yet many Americans are already abandoning the resolutions they chose just one month ago. Although residential mortgage originators may have already misplaced their gym mem...
By Michael Boggiano, national sales manager, Silver Hill Funding

Commercial | January 2017 
The Exchange Game
Commercial mortgage originators play a vital role in helping clients understand the multiple moves that can be made on the property-financing board. One of the most creative moves is the so-called “li...
By Scott R Saunders, senior vice president, Asset Preservation, Inc.

Commercial | January 2017 
Take Advantage of Second Chances
Hard money loans play an important role in the marketplace. First, they offer financing to those who otherwise would be without access to such credit, and they finance short-term borrowing needs with ...
By Ted Kapnek, Entrepreneur

Commercial | January 2017 
Hitting the Wall of Maturities
Many market watchers are anxiously keeping an eye on the wave of maturing loan debt that secures billions of dollars in commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS). Some market observers believe that...
By Ann Hambly, founder and CEO, 1st Service Solutions

Commercial | January 2017 
Regulatory Launch
The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) has hatched new rules affecting how credit unions operate in the commercial mortgage market. Recognizing credit unions’ growing stake in business loans,...
By Derek Ezovski, president and CEO, Outsourced Risk Management Solutions (ORMS) LLC


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