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Articles about Commercial


Commercial | January 2017 
The Search for a Better Loan
What do you do when you’ve outgrown the nest of your short-term bridge loan? It’s time to find a new home — one with a longer term and a lower interest rate. When seeking longer-term financing options...
By Michael Boggiano, national sales manager, Silver Hill Funding

Commercial | January 2017 
Leap Into Alternative Lending
As banking regulations have tightened, banks have grown reluctant to fund as many loans as they used to, leaving commercial mortgage brokers and borrowers feeling the pinch. Alternative lending source...
By Gary Bechtel, president, Money360

Commercial | November 2016 
Compliance Is a Juggling Act
Because of the past years’ congressional gridlock, few new laws have come to pass. New rules and regulations have continued to flow, however. Players in the commercial mortgage arena should familiariz...
By Rob Seidenwurm, senior vice president of legal outreach, 1st Service Solutions

Commercial | October 2016 
Underwriting Doesn’t Conform to Static Rules
Changes in the economic climate often cause changes in the guidelines used by commercial loan underwriters. When the economy is robust and growing, lenders and underwriters are often more willing to b...
By Stephen A. Sobin, president and founder, Select Commercial Funding LLC

Commercial | October 2016 
Harnessing Valuation Data
Valuation technology brings together an unprecedented amount of information about commercial property, even real estate with specialized uses, and helps mortgage brokers and their clients confidently ...
By Clyde Prestowitz, chief technology officer, LRES Corp.

Commercial | September 2016 
Your Character Is Your Brand
As a commercial mortgage broker, your value to your client is much more than the ability to originate a loan package that’s a little better than what your competitors might generate.  Borrowers depend...
By Mark J. Barnish, vice president of sales, Key Capital Mortgage

Commercial | September 2016 
Stabilizing Assets With Turnaround Capital
Heading into the fourth quarter of 2016, commercial mortgage lenders should see a steady velocity of deals as the demand for U.S. commercial real estate shows little sign of abating. For the lender, r...
By Sanford Herrick, founder and managing principal, Case Real Estate Capital LLC

Commercial | September 2016 
PACE Offers a Financing Boost
When the State House Square building in Hartford, Connecticut, was acquired by new owners, an integral part of the investment plan was a retrofit to replace the structure’s aging central plant. ...
By Greg Saunders, CEO, CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital Inc.

Commercial | September 2016 
How to Become a Master at Evaluating Property Value
Evaluating the value of a property based on sales of comparable property is an essential skill for mortgage brokers and their investor clients. But many investors buy property without the sort of basi...
By Ian Walsh, vice president, Hard Money Bankers LLC

Commercial | August 2016 
Traversing the Private-Money Path
As the influence of private-money lenders has grown in the past decade, so have the types of lenders that fit the private-money definition. Borrowers need a roadmap through the private-lending landsca...
By Don Pelgrim, owner and CEO, Wilshire Finance Partners

Residential | June 2016 
Commercial Loans Are a Golden Opportunity
If you are an originator working on the residential mortgage side of the business, you likely have commercial loan opportunities coming across your desk from time to time. If you haven’t delved ...
By Joe Mardesich, senior vice president, Harvest Small Business Finance LLC

Commercial | May 2016 
Avoid ‘Dead Deal’ Lawsuits
The white-hot commercial real estate market may be showing signs of slowing down. Impending interest rate hikes, a volatile stock market, China’s economic slowdown and plunging oil prices all have imp...
By Gregory Markow, partner and chair of the litigation practice team, Crosbie Gliner Schiffman Southard & Swanson LLP

Residential | April 2016 
Discover a New Frontier
You can’t control the environment of today’s evolving residential mortgage market, but you can control how you adapt to change. Diversifying your business with small-balance commercial mort...
By Michael Boggiano, national sales manager, Silver Hill Funding

Commercial | January 2016 
Building a Better Capital Stack
 DefinitionCapital stackTotal capital invested in a project. In commercial real estate, stacks typically include common equity, preferred equity, mezzanine debt and senior debt. Each of these investme...
By David Kidder, president and managing director, Landmark Capital Advisors

Residential | September 2015 
The Well-Rounded Broker
A client calls with a request for a commercial loan. This is a great opportunity, but there’s just one small catch: You are a residential broker who has never closed a commercial loan before. Can yo...
By Joe Mardesich, senior vice president, Harvest Small Business Finance LLC


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