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Commercial | February 2011 
Opportunity Abounds — Are You Ready?
Commercial real estate transaction activity has been increasing, but no deal is easy. All types of assets sold this past year — from distressed properties such as class-C apartments, broken malls, ban...
By Mart Martindale, senior director, Cushman & Wakefield of Texas Inc.’s capital-markets group

Commercial | January 2011 
The Shape of the Re-emerging Credit Market
Over and above all the for-sale or for-lease signs posted on almost every street in the U.S., there are other signs that commercial real estate recovery is for real. After three challenging years, com...
By Scott T. Pickett, president, PSB Realty Advisors

Commercial | December 2012 
Where Are All the Specialty Lenders?
Over the past two years, the core  commercial real estate market has been recovering. One sign of this recovery easily noted by active commercial mortgage professionals is the return of equity investo...
By Yon Cho, partner, PCCP LLC

Commercial | October 2012 
The Second Time Around
There are many similarities be- tween the 2008 financial crash and the crisis of the savings and loan associations (S&Ls) in the 1980s. In both situations, the markets were thrown into turmoil, tr...
By Ann Hambly, founder and CEO, 1st Service Solutions

Commercial | September 2012 
Striking the Right Balance
In the past few years, the focus of the commercial real estate industry has been on the capital markets’ recovery, particularly for trophy assets and large loans. All eyes have been on new deals that ...
By Keith Van Arsdale, president and CEO, BMC Capital

Commercial | August 2012 
What’s in Your CMBS Workout?
Many commercial mortgage brokers  representing small and medium-size borrowers may find themselves at a loss when dealing with a commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) loan that is in distr...
By Shlomo Chopp, managing partner, Case Property Services LLC

Commercial | May 2012 
Pick Up the Receiver
It is no secret that many commercial real estate loans that were made at the height of the market are reaching maturity this year and in the next few years. These maturing loans are creating challenge...
By Bill Hoffman, chairman and CEO, Trigild

Commercial | May 2012 
Taking the Right Exit
Commercial mortgage brokers may sense a feeling of despair among clients who hold commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS). The prospects of the CMBS markets are not promising: Collateral property...
By Ann Hambly, founder and CEO, 1st Service Solutions

Commercial | May 2012 
Getting the Facts Straight
Commercial mortgage brokers have  to deal with mixed signals in today’s marketplace. Despite apparent recovery in the nation’s macroeconomic indicators, lending remains tight as banks cannot shak...
By Richard M. Gatto, executive vice president, The Alter Group

Commercial | April 2012 
Survive Market Challenges
As economic uncertainty continues to restrict capital flow in the marketplace, commercial mortgage brokers must develop a clear strategy that allows them to remain afloat — and poised for success once...
By Jim Fried, managing director and commercial mortgage broker, Aztec Group; and Joseph Givner, co-founder and partner, Higer Lichter & Givner

Commercial | February 2012 
Brace Yourself for Rough Waters
By the end of 2011, uncertainty over the future of distressed commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) overshadowed positive signs of lower delinquency rates. Defaults declined this past November ...
By Ann Hambly, founder and CEO, 1st Service Solutions

Commercial | May 2013 
Commercial Properties Face Some Tough Medicine
In the past few years, concerns have  mounted over maturing commercial real estate loans, particularly as the loans made at the height of the market began to reach maturity. Borrowers have scramb...
By Phil Jemmett, CEO and founder, Breakwater Equity Partners; and Joel Muñoz, senior financial analyst, Breakwater Equity Partners

Commercial | April 2013 
Unintended Consequences at Play
It wasn’t a surprise to see legislation like the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act come into the market in 2010. Dodd-Frank was an expected response to the nearly catastrophic ...
By Ann Hambly, founder and CEO, 1st Service Solutions

Commercial | March 2013 
Spot Large Rewards in Small Deals
In the commercial mortgage market, the small-loan business — despite its name — is big and potentially profitable for almost everyone involved. Many multifamily-property owners looking for financing d...
By Rick Wolf, senior managing director, Greystone Servicing Corp.

Commercial | February 2013 
Underwater Deals May Yield Treasure
Recent economic indicators, including the dip in the unemployment rate to below 8 percent, have kept hopes afloat in the past year with signs of potential stabilization, or perhaps recovery, in the ov...
By Brent Truscott, principal, Bloomfield Capital


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