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Commercial | January 2003 
Becoming a Commercial Property Owner User is the Best Alternative…Or Is It?
Over the past six months, we have encountered the lowest interest rates in more than 40 years, which are significantly impacting the lease/buy formula for corporations as they evaluate their occupancy...
By Scott Farb, CPA, principal-in-charge of the national real estate practice, Rothstein, Kass & Co.

Commercial | January 2003 
How Long Will It Last?
The year 2003 is guaranteed to be a busy and exciting one for both commercial real estate borrowers and lenders.  Over the past 2 years interest rates based upon treasury notes & bonds, prime rate...
By Craig C. Johnson, president and CEO, Aries Capital Inc.

Residential | June 2003 
Prepare To Meet Your…..Lender
This article is the first in a series that will describe three significant events that may improve the chances of securing a commercial mortgage loan in a timely and expeditious manner:  The Docume...
By Brian Opert, chief executive, Sterling Commercial Capital LLC

Residential | January 2003 
Commercial Mortgage Originator - Strategy, Training & Tools for Mortgage Brokers
Now that residential mortgage business is leveling off, there is some breathing room to consider new opportunities — such as commercial mortgage loans.  The most important thing to remember about  com...
By Chris Sanders, co-owner, Sanctuary Lending

Commercial | December 2004 
Become Bilingual: Speak Residential and Commercial
Originating commercial loans, especially multi-family, is a logical next step for the residential mortgage broker.  If you have clients who have been buying investment properties, you can encourage ...
By Steve Hakes, national sales director, Cendera Funding Inc

Commercial | November 2004 
If Done Properly, Renovation Can Give a Property New Life and Added Value
As an apartment owner, can you compete with the newer, more luxurious multifamily properties in your market? What about those that haven’t been built yet? Some say the multifamily market is getting...
By Victoria Currens, principal, Style Interior Design

Commercial | October 2004 
Apartment and Commercial Loans: How Big of a Loan Can I Get?
Borrowers often ask, "What is the maximum loan-to-value (LTV) you can get for me on this (income-producing) property?" This is a valid and important question in the world of real estate finance, bu...
By Solomon Gorlick, Investment & Commercial Finance Broker, Tri-Bay Financial Group Inc.

Commercial | September 2004 
The Secret of Successful Hard Money Commercial Lending
Hard money lending can be an extremely rewarding and profitable component of your business. Many brokers have recently tapped into this niche as the residential markets have slowed down, while othe...
By Matthew Raymond, business development officer, Fairway

Commercial | August 2004 
Do You Make These Six Commercial Mortgage Mistakes?
Picture this: it’s July of 2000, and my combined pipeline is over $300 million worth of loans. Now, fast forward to six months later. How much have I closed? Maybe $12 million worth – and even thos...
By Joe Mardesich, senior vice president, Harvest Small Business Finance LLC

Commercial | July 2004 
Terrorism Insurance and Commercial Mortgage Loans: An Update
The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) of 2002 was signed into law on November 26, 2002. The measure mandated that insurers restore coverage for damages resulting from future acts of terrorism and ...
By Lisa Pendergast, Managing Director of Real Estate Finance Research Department, Greenwich Capital

Commercial | June 2004 
Financing the Sales of Family Businesses
According to a survey conducted by Arthur Anderson and Mass Mutual Insurance Company, 28% of family-owned firms expect their CEO to retire within the next five years. An additional 14% plan to go i...
By Bill Brice, commercial mortgage broker, Arizona

Commercial | May 2004 
Avoiding the 4 Most Common Commercial Mortgage Mistakes
Commercial mortgages are all about Return-on- Investment (ROI).  In buying or selling commercial real estate, financing can make or break the deal.  The best commercial mortgage is the one that max...
By Brian L. Peart, president, Nexus Financial Group Inc.

Commercial | May 2004 
FIN 46: Its Impact on Corporate America & the Real Estate Industry
Enron’s dramatic collapse continues to generate aftershocks throughout corporate America, including the financial reporting requirements for real estate companies in both the public and private sec...
By Scott Farb, CPA, principal-in-charge of the national real estate practice, Rothstein, Kass & Co.

Commercial | April 2004 
A Guide to Financing Owner-Occupied Commercial Properties
It is no small feat to keep track of the various classes of financing available to real estate buyers: prime, sub-prime, high LTV, construction, etc. However, failing to do so can result in lost inc...
By Chris Lehnes, Vice President of Business Development, CIT Small Business Lending Corporation

Commercial | April 2004 
Sell Both Commercial & Residential Properties & Maximize Your Commission Notes
Q: I am a highly successful residential realtor interested in also selling commercial properties.  What steps should I take to be successful?  What advice do you have for me? A:...
By Al Auger, writer, Pure Profits: Pinpoint Winning Properties


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