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Articles about Environmental Issues


Commercial | April 2017 
Alleviate Lending Headaches
There is no bigger headache for a broker or a property owner than getting a loan approved but then losing funding over an environmental issue. What can brokers do to protect their deals from this kind...
By D. Lynn Howells, underwriter, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | November 2016 
Plug Into Green Data
Commercial buildings in the United States are responsible for consuming an enormous amount of energy. In fact, buildings overall are responsible for an estimated 40 percent of total energy use in the ...
By Alysson Blackwelder, project manager, U.S. Green Building Council

Commercial | September 2016 
PACE Offers a Financing Boost
When the State House Square building in Hartford, Connecticut, was acquired by new owners, an integral part of the investment plan was a retrofit to replace the structure’s aging central plant. ...
By Greg Saunders, CEO, CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital Inc.

Commercial | August 2016 
Green Battle Royal
For borrowers coping with complex commercial property deals involving environmental challenges, preparing for the underwriting process can feel like preparing for war. Outside experts are valuable all...
By Gary Reynolds, principal, Integrated Risk Advisors

Commercial | May 2016 
Shining a Light on Solar Appraisals
Solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays are becoming more and more common, a trend that will likely continue because of expected reductions in project costs and the major assist provided by the 30 percent fede...
By James Finlay, partner, SoundView Risk Advisors

Residential | April 2016 
Being Tech-Savvy Is Environmentally Astute
No one argues the fact that green business practices are worthwhile for the environment, but is all the effort of going green beneficial to the bottom line? Now that the mortgage industry has ex...
By Nikolaos Athanasiou, chief operating officer, Guaranteed Rate

Commercial | April 2016 
Fannie Mae Loan Programs Promote Green Living
Originators working with borrowers interested in funding energy-efficient multifamily buildings should become familiar with a couple of Fannie Mae-sponsored programs that promote reductions in energy ...
By Katie Plett, vice president and relationship manager, HomeStreet Bank

Commercial | April 2016 
Stitched With Small Lending
Just as small commercial projects are the thread of thriving communities, the small-balance loans that fund them are excellent material to supplement a healthy origination business. Commercial a...
By Ryan Boyle, commercial account executive, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | April 2016 
Making Brownfields Bloom
Cleanup costs and lender worries can slow the redevelopment of contaminated waste sites, but commercial projects have played a key role in returning thousands of acres of once-polluted property to pro...
By Darin McClure, president , Mid-Atlantic Associates Inc.

Commercial | June 2015 
Is Your Lending Weatherproof?
From Hurricane Katrina to snow-covered Massachusetts and California’s drought, it is clear that climate change is happening. No matter what you believe about the reasons behind climate change, commerc...
By Odell Murry, president, MAI Financial Services Inc.

Commercial | May 2015 
Putting a Price on Solar Systems
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are becoming an increasingly common feature of commercial real estate developments. As the element performance of PV systems improves and the cost to install and operat...
By Clare Broderick, national practice leader, Partner Engineering and Science Inc.

Commercial | April 2015 
Climb Up to Energy Efficiency
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the combined annual energy cost for U.S. commercial buildings exceeds $100 billion, and 30 percent of this energy is used inefficiently or ...
By Glenn Adams, national director of energy services, AEI Consultants

Residential | December 2008 
Special Report: Local Markets

By Jennifer Garrett, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | August 2003 
Cleanup of the Most Persistent Subsurface Contaminants
Chemical contamination in the soil below a commercial property is problematic for property owners, not only because of environmental regulations, but also because of possible resident and worker expos...
By Howard D. Feiler, P.E., Executive Vice President, Geo-Oxidation Services, Inc.

Commercial | July 2003 
Reduce Mold-Related Risk
Since Jan. 1, 2000, more than 8,000 “toxic” mold stories have appeared in the media, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Many of them focus on dramatic personal injury and property damag...
By Linda A. Striefsky, JD, partner, Thompson Hine LLP


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