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Articles about Environmental Issues


Commercial | August 2004 
Mold Impact on State Laws Could Mean Double Jeopardy for Lenders
The pandemic of mold litigation spreading in the commercial and residential real estate industries has compelled lenders to protect their mortgage portfolios, but that may not be enough.  Lender li...
By Charles L. Perry Jr., founder and principal, Environmental Assurance Group

Commercial | June 2004 
Mold Problems?
Assessment and remediation techniques for mold contamination continue to evolve. As we gain more experience in managing mold problems, it becomes evident that successful resolutions start with a pl...
By Don Martin, CIH, CSP, MPH, Senior Program Director, EBI Consulting

Commercial | May 2004 
Environmental Insurance Update: Still Many Applications & Benefits
Environmental insurance for lenders and borrowers alike remains a viable means to an end in closing deals quickly, offering the financial security that lenders and investors demand.  That being sai...
By Edmund A. Greene, Esq., member, IMA Financial Group

Commercial | February 2004 
Making Green Communities Work
Throughout the nation, the building and community development sectors of the real estate industry are looking more seriously at incorporating “Green” solutions into their projects. Of course, all of t...
By Steve Kellenberg, principal, EDAW

Commercial | November 2005 
Don’t Let the Past Catch Up with You
When accepting a site as collateral, many financial institutions often don’t learn that it is environmentally contaminated until after they have secured the loan. Stories abound about lenders forecl...
By Derek Ezovski, president and CEO, Outsourced Risk Management Solutions (ORMS) LLC

Commercial | October 2005 
Screenings’ New Leanings
Most commercial lenders are aware that contaminated property and the resulting liability exposure can wreak havoc with the bottom line. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Lia...
By Amy Drescher, contributing editor, ESA Report; and Jamie Haberlen, regional vice president, EDR

Commercial | September 2005 
Environmental Insurance Update
Change is the one element of the environmental-insurance industry that remains constant. As the industry changes, it is critical for brokers to have experience in the many subjects involved with pr...
By Edmund A. Greene, Esq., member, IMA Financial Group

Commercial | May 2005 
New EPA Rules Ramp Up Environmental Due Diligence
Environmental risk is a credit risk. Citing the potential for liability and high cleanup costs, most lenders routinely screen commercial properties for environmental contamination, either with an en...
By Amy Drescher, contributing editor, ESA Report

Commercial | February 2005 
Environmental Insurance: How Deals are Still Getting Done
During the second half of 2004, the environmental insurance industry changed significantly. The most significant change was AIG Environmental’s sudden announcement to exit the environmental lender p...
By Edmund A. Greene, Esq., member, IMA Financial Group

Commercial | October 2006 
All the Appropriate Inquiries
This past November, the Environmental Protection Agency published final standards for AAI. These standards were mandated by Congress under revisions to the Brownfields Amendments of the Comprehensiv...
By Dan Spinogatti, senior vice president, EBI Consulting

Commercial | August 2006 
Assessing Dry Cleaners
Dry cleaners present some of the most-challenging environmental due-diligence projects in commercial real estate. They also pose some of highest environmental liabilities. This is because of the lon...
By Jay Kwon, founder and CEO, JMK Environmental Solutions Inc.

Commercial | August 2006 
Staving off Mold
At the turn of this century, the insurance industry faced an explosion of toxic-mold losses. Thousands of plaintiffs’ lawyers attended hundreds of “mold is gold” seminars. By 2002, insurance compani...
By Paul Duggan, ERM, senior environmental insurance broker, American Risk Management Resources Network LLC; and David Dybdahl, president, American Risk Management Resources Network LLC; and Charles L. Perry Jr., founder and principal, Environmental Assurance Group

Commercial | July 2006 
Environmental Protection
In a competitive market, lenders and borrowers often are tempted to reduce environmental risk analysis to a checklist process. Unfortunately, sole reliance upon clean Phase I assessments or regulato...
By David R. Young, Esq., environmental account executive, IMA of Colorado Inc. Environmental Practice

Commercial | June 2006 
Help Clients Avoid Oil-Price Shock
Much has been written about the energy crisis facing the world today. With the United States being the world’s largest consumer of petroleum products, brokers must be aware of the potential effects ...
By Dennis C. Haynes, partner, Saulsbury Hill Financial

Commercial | June 2006 
How a Little Water Can Sink a Loan
A major bank loans several million dollars to a developer of a large multifamily building. To keep on schedule, the general contractor puts up drywall before the exterior of the building has been se...
By Carl Smith, CEO and executive director, GREENGUARD Environmental Institute


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