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Articles about Environmental Issues


Commercial | August 2008 
How to Manage Environmental Issues
As home foreclosures increase and continue to make the news, the number of commercial real estate defaults and foreclosures also is climbing. Some may present lenders with particularly unwelcome -- ...
By Debra Hausser, assistant vice president, Zurich North America Commercial

Residential | August 2008 
When Something’s in the Air
Radon, mold and lead-based paint are well-known environmental problems in residential properties. They pose known health risks to occupants and are commonly evaluated during home inspections. ...
By Derek Ezovski, president and CEO, Outsourced Risk Management Solutions (ORMS) LLC

Commercial | July 2008 
Adjust Your Focus to Prosper
We’re surrounded by bad news. But while fewer loans are fundable now than at the same time in 2007, it’s important to recognize that opportunities still exist and that lenders are looking for smart ...
By Richard Zahm, director, Covendium

Commercial | June 2008 
Managing a Meth Mess
To say that methamphetamine is bad news is a gross understatement. Highly addictive, meth robs drug-users of their health. Domestic violence, child abuse and other illegal activities assoc...
By Dianne P. Crocker, principal analyst, EDR Insight; and Joseph K. Mazzuca, CEO, Meth Lab Cleanup Co

Commercial | June 2008 
Today’s Office, Tomorrow’s Power Plant
The challenges involved in global warming and energy costs are nothing less than enormous. When combined, they can seem downright overwhelming. A solution to these problems, however, presents an opp...
By Jeremy Rifkin, president, The Foundation on Economic Trends

Commercial | May 2008 
Energy Takes Center Stage
The current financial market will likely settle down eventually. When it does, though, we’ll still be left with a central issue that won’t go away, one to which commercial brokers and bankers must p...
By Richard Zahm, director, Covendium

Commercial | May 2008 
The New Vapor-Intrusion Standard
The migration of toxic vapors into structures and breathing zones has long been a significant concern associated with environmentally impacted real estate. This past March, the American Society of T...
By Joe Derhake, president, Partner Engineering and Science

Residential | May 2008 
Getting Personal
Although many mortgage brokers might not consider mold when working with clients, they should. Mold infestations can rot houses and destroy financial deals. For quite a few years, I have ...
By Charles L. Perry Jr., founder and principal, Environmental Assurance Group

Commercial | April 2008 
Q&A: Jeff Telego, Environmental Bankers Association
As long as environmental issues such as contamination liability and brownfield redevelopment remain in the commercial mortgage landscape, due diligence likely will be a hot topic among brokers. The ...
By Melinda Young, associate editor, Scotsman Guide Media, Inc

Commercial | April 2008 
Beyond Due Diligence
Like any business professional, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers face many challenges in trying to meet their strategic objectives. They must balance growth with regulatory issues, meet shareho...
By John Farinacci, managing director, ISM Group LLC

Commercial | April 2008 
On the Lookout for Insurance Exclusions
Lending on green buildings creates an opportunity for brokers and lenders to enhance their corporate image as sustainable businesses. Other benefits of participating in the environmental movement in...
By David Dybdahl, president, American Risk Management Resources Network LLC

Commercial | April 2008 
The Bottom Line Goes Green
Environmental awareness has hit a fever pitch recently. As public perception evolves and environmental groups worldwide step up their efforts, green issues find themselves at the forefront of civic ...
By Craig Grella, founder,

Commercial | April 2008 
Environmental Regulations Untangled
Violations to environmental regulations can cut hard and deep, resulting in civil and criminal liability for anyone who works on a commercial real estate transaction. Environmental legislation and r...
By John Arno, principal, Park Hill Lending

Commercial | September 2009 
Green = Go in Today's Market
In a testament to concerns governments, scientists, corporations and human-interest groups worldwide have expressed, the impacts of global warming and energy consumption are now making profound differ...
By Milton Franklin, founder and president, Commercial Mortgage Exchange Inc.

Commercial | September 2009 
Stay on Top of Stormwater Compliance
Commercial development sites in pre- or post-foreclosure stages can pose numerous challenges for lenders, as well as prospective purchasers. With the continuing increase in foreclosures, lenders and p...
By Orion Alcalay, vice president, AEI Consultants


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