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Articles about Financial Reform


Residential | November 2018 
Viewpoint: It’s Time for a New Regulatory Paradigm
Ten years ago, Lehman Brothers went bust, followed in short order by a collapse of our nation’s housing markets and the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Congress responded with swee...
By Scott Olson, executive director, Community Home Lenders Association

Residential | November 2018 
Learn From the Ghosts of the Past
A decade after the housing crisis, the resulting economic downturn and the onset of significant financial reform, the mortgage industry finds itself, once again, caught in the ebb and flow of shifting...
By Burton Embry, senior vice president of enterprise risk management, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. (PRMI)

Residential | March 2017 
Did Mortgage Reform Miss the Mark?
The mortgage crisis sparked numerous regulatory changes that addressed actual and perceived causes of the crisis. The effectiveness of these changes varied widely. Some have helped, while others actua...
By William P. Matz, Attorney and Broker

Commercial | November 2016 
Viewpoint: Striking a Regulatory Balance
 At a GlanceMajor regulators that impact the commercial mortgage marketFederal Deposit Insurance Corp.Federal Reserve BoardOffice of the Comptroller of the CurrencyConsumer Financial Protection Bureau...
By Thomas Kim, senior vice president of commercial/multifamily, Mortgage Bankers Association

Residential | November 2008 
Provide Service After the Sale
It is true that mortgage brokers' best leads are their clients. This is why many brokers' business cards have that tattered, but effective phrase on the back: "One of the greatest compliments I can ...
By Eric Johnson, senior managing director distressed-assets and receivership group, Cushman & Wakefield

Commercial | September 2008 
Finding Capital Through Private Lending
With the growing scarcity of institutional funds, finding the best financing option for hard-to-place commercial loans is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, hard-money loans f...
By Thomas OBryon, CEO, Wilshire Finance Partners

Commercial | November 2009 
Look to the Past to Determine the Future
Thirty years ago, there were no such things as easy-qualifier, no- or low-doc, or stated-income loans. Other widely used terms -- such as yield spread premiums and rebate pricing -- also were mostly u...
By Arnie Garfinkel, president , Income Property Lending and All Star Group Inc.

Residential | June 2009 
The Value of Value Measurements
Editor's note: Fiserv Inc., the bylined author's employer, has owned the Fiserv Case-Shiller Home Price Indexes since 2002. Although Scotsman Guide's policy does not allow for company references in ...
By David Stiff, chief economist, Fiserv Inc.

Residential | March 2009 
CSI: Mortgage Industry
Loan audits have been around in some form since the beginning of federally regulated loans. It was not until recently, however, that they evolved into what we now call forensic loan audits. ...
By Stephen Hoshida, manager of the legal portal, National Loan Auditors

Residential | July 2014 
Courts Cast an Eye on Mortgage Lending
Sharp declines aren’t usually indicators of positive news — that is, unless you’re talking about the national foreclosure picture. Recent trends in foreclosure statistics are declining, and a number...
By Brian Rich, partner, banking, lender liability and foreclosure group; and Noel Bishop, associate, banking, lender liability and foreclosure group, Halloran & Sage LLP

Commercial | June 2013 
Surviving in the Sea of Banking Changes
As the U.S. economy struggles to remain afloat through a sluggish recovery, community banks nationwide present a clear example of the new normal in the banking sector. Burdened by losses and regulator...
By Charles H. Green, managing director, Small Business Finance Institute

Commercial | November 2010 
Reform’s Reach
Since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act this past July, there has been much confusion and speculation about its possible impact on commercial real estate. Th...
By Lauren Rushak, partner, Thorp Reed & Armstrong LLP

Commercial | October 2010 
Rental Housing Picks Up Steam
The cost and availability of financing is affecting millions of Americans’ ability to buy or sell homes or to rent apartments in desirable markets with strong employment opportunities. But this market...
By Mark T. Alfieri, chief operating officer, Behringer Harvard Multifamily REIT I Inc

Commercial | June 2010 
Sowing the Seeds for Recovery
After dealing with the fallout of the residential mortgage crisis, the government turned its attention to the declining commercial real estate and commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) markets ...
By Jerome Sanzo, consultant to private funds and adjunct lecturer, NYU's Schack Institute of Real Estate

Commercial | April 2010 
The 3 R's of Recovery
Gone are the days when banks and investors were clamoring for commercial mortgage brokers' loans and clients. In the current cycle, commercial loan programs dry up overnight, lenders come and go, and ...
By W. Ralph Smith, president, W.R. Smith Financial Services LLC


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