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Articles about Freddie Mac


Residential | March 2019 
Untangling the GSE Mess
At the end of October 2018, Mark Calabria, who would just weeks later  become the nominee to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), said the Trump administration was committed to ending the c...
By Dick Lepre, senior loan adviser, RPM Mortgage

Commercial | July 2018 
Explore the Freddie Mac Fast Track
Cities around the United States have been suffering from a housing-affordability crisis for a number of years. The gap between the supply of and demand for affordable housing has been growing as the c...
By Joshua Reiss, vice president, Hunt Mortgage Group

Commercial | July 2018 
The Rental-Home Market Has a Big Footprint
Many people are shocked to learn that the single-family rental market represents the majority of rental-housing stock in the U.S. Structures of four or fewer units comprise 53 percent of all rental ho...
By Christopher Hoeffel, chief financial officer, CoreVest Finance

Residential | July 2018 
You Should Learn More About These Loan Options
Since 1934, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans have proven to be a popular choice for first-time homebuyers and low- to moderate-income borrowers, or those with less-than-stellar credit histor...
By Francis A. Betancourt-Molina, senior vice president, Florida Capital Bank Mortgage

Commercial | March 2018 
Senior Housing’s Fruitful Appeal
Imagine coming home to a spacious, open living space equipped with marble countertops, hardwood floors and an in-unit washer and dryer. Outside your front door are expansive common spaces filled with ...
By Trace Wilson, director, PGIM Real Estate Finance

Commercial | February 2018 
Keep Micros in Mind
  Definition Micro unit There is not a standard defi...
By Peter Clasquin, managing director, Hunt Mortgage Group

Residential | September 2017 
Reducing Barriers to Homeownership
Although many believe the economy and the housing market have rebounded from the 2008 global financial crisis, numerous areas of the country will continue to experience housing challenges for years to...
By Danny Gardner, vice president of single-family affordable lending, Freddie Mac

Commercial | August 2017 
Duty to Serve
Freddie Mac’s proposed Duty to Serve plan seeks to bring liquidity, stability and cost-effectiveness to housing markets that have been underserved for generations. While Freddie Mac serves all segment...
By David Leopold, vice president, Freddie Mac Multifamily

Commercial | July 2017 
Navigate the GSE Highway
Since the Great Recession ended in 2009, no other market players have had a greater impact on the multifamily lending industry than Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As of this past May, Fannie and Freddie ...
By Igor Zhizhin, president, American Street Capital LLC

Residential | February 2017 
Dispelling Lending Myths
Obstacles in the path to homeownership have reached mythical proportions, preventing many would-be homebuyers from even starting the journey. Loan originators are in a unique position to help cut borr...
By Danny Gardner, vice president of single-family affordable lending, Freddie Mac

Residential | September 2016 
Reduce the Onslaught
Every year the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) publishes the Consumer Response Annual Report, which summarizes complaints generated through the CFPB Consumer Complaint Database. The 2015 r...
By Alan Bercovitz, founder, Guaranteed Mortgage Quote

Residential | June 2016 
GSEs Remain in Full Gear
  At a glance Fannie, Freddie offer other tools The GSEs provide many tools for use by industry professionals, includin...
By Terry Mott, central divisional manager, Academy Mortgage Corp.

Residential | June 2016 
Trends Signal a Potential Liquidity Crisis Ahead
Author Malcolm Gladwell’s famous book “The Tipping Point” illustrates how even small events or details can have major consequences by essentially acting as the straw that breaks the camel’s back. ...
By Wes Miller, CEO and co-founder, ATS Secured

Residential | June 2016 
Digital Data Promises to End the Paper Chase
After a long period of financial turmoil, followed by a seemingly endless slate of regulatory changes, the mortgage market once again is on more stable footing and has the bandwidth necessary to embra...
By Mike Romano, vice president of business development, Lendsnap

Residential | February 2003 
Economic Uncertainty Persists
The aftereffects of the Fed’s November rate cuts have been mild thus far. The stock market indices and rates on short-term Treasuries are little changed. But yields on long-term Treasuries have increa...
By Frank E. Nothaft, chief economist, CoreLogic; and Amy Crews Cutts, Deputy Chief Economist, Freddie Mac


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