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Articles about Gses


Commercial | May 2018 
Eco-Consciousness Is Within Reach
The combination of higher interest rates, compressed cap rates and increased operating costs have forced many players in the commercial real estate sector to search for alternatives to save on financi...
By Igor Zhizhin, president, American Street Capital LLC

Commercial | April 2018 
Foster Green Investments
For commercial-property owners, investing in energy efficiency is increasingly moving from a nice-to-have perk to a must-deploy business tool. As energy costs and estimates of energy use within the U....
By Emily McLaughlin, senior associate, Institute for Market Transformation

Commercial | January 2018 
Viewpoint: Commercial Real Estate Remains on Solid Footing
The commercial real estate market has experienced substantial growth and evolution, and continues to be a vital sector of the U.S. economy. As evidence of that fact, according to research by the Mortg...
By Rodrigo Lopez, executive chairman, AmeriSphere Properties

Commercial | January 2018 
Scale the Multifamily Mountain
Agency-based loans through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Housing Service (RHS), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have plenty of advantages, making them...
By Alex Cohen, CEO, Liberty SBF

Commercial | August 2017 
Duty to Serve
Freddie Mac’s proposed Duty to Serve plan seeks to bring liquidity, stability and cost-effectiveness to housing markets that have been underserved for generations. While Freddie Mac serves all segment...
By David Leopold, vice president, Freddie Mac Multifamily

Commercial | July 2017 
Navigate the GSE Highway
Since the Great Recession ended in 2009, no other market players have had a greater impact on the multifamily lending industry than Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As of this past May, Fannie and Freddie ...
By Igor Zhizhin, president, American Street Capital LLC

Residential | May 2017 
Navigating Red Flags
The valuation industry will always involve a human element. Whether it is an experienced appraiser taking note of the physical condition of a roof or a mortgage originator diving into the materiality ...
By Richard Garrie, chief appraiser, United States Appraisals

Residential | June 2016 
GSEs Remain in Full Gear
  At a glance Fannie, Freddie offer other tools The GSEs provide many tools for use by industry professionals, includin...
By Terry Mott, central divisional manager, Academy Mortgage Corp.

Residential | June 2016 
Collateral Underwriter Is Helping to Foster Appraisal Clarity
When Fannie Mae launched its appraisal risk-assessment tool Collateral Underwriter (CU), there was a lot of apprehension among many lenders and appraisers that this new process would imp...
By Penny Pitts-Duyan, vice president of the Southwest Fulfillment Center, Mountain West Financial Inc.

Residential | June 2016 
Trends Signal a Potential Liquidity Crisis Ahead
Author Malcolm Gladwell’s famous book “The Tipping Point” illustrates how even small events or details can have major consequences by essentially acting as the straw that breaks the camel’s back. ...
By Wes Miller, CEO and co-founder, ATS Secured

Commercial | May 2016 
Underwriting Standards Evolve
It is no secret to anyone in the industry that since the economic recovery started, commercial real estate investment has been one of the hottest markets in the U.S. In fact, a national commercial pro...
By Ben Miller, director, Franklin Street Capital Advisors; and Casey Siggins, director, Franklin Street Capital Advisors

Residential | February 2016 
The Future of Mortgage Technology is SMART
The new Closing Disclosure form mandated under the Truth in Lending Act and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rules and regulated by the Consumer Financi...
By Rachael Sokolowski, president, Magnolia Technologies

Residential | December 2015 
Connecting the 2016 Dots
As 2015 winds to a close, it’s worth stepping back and assessing where the mortgage industry is, how it got here and where it seems to be headed. Eight years after the onset of the mortg...
By Faith A. Schwartz, senior vice president of government affairs, CoreLogic

Residential | March 2015 
The Next Generation of Hard-Money Lending
The evolution of hard-money lending has taken a long and fragmented path with products ranging across the spectrum, including payday loans, toxic prime, signature loans and more. Market demands have s...
By Andrew Pollock, president and CEO, WDB Funding

Residential | February 2015 
Putting the Emphasis on Quality
Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Co. and “father” of mass production, famously said: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” This statement, uttered generations ago, is just as relevan...
By Michael L. Vitali, chief compliance officer and senior vice president, LoanLogics Inc.


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