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Articles about Industrial


Commercial | December 2018 
Join the Industrial Revolution
Today’s industrial real estate debt markets are robust for experienced borrowers with institutional partners, as well as for individual borrowers who are just beginning to grow their portfolios. Indus...
By Jonathan Pharris, co-founder and president, CapRock Partners

Commercial | September 2018 
Rising Interest Rates Signal a New Investment Climate
Historically low interest rates over the past decade have set the stage for many commercial real estate developers to easily obtain conventional financing in order to build, acquire, renovate or repos...
By Sanford Herrick, founder and managing principal, Case Real Estate Capital LLC

Commercial | February 2018 
Don’t Let Environmental Hazards Drag You Down
Today’s real estate market is heavily influenced by environmental concerns. Anyone having a financial interest in real estate needs to know if potential environmental problems may involve them in expe...
By Michael Novak, president, Atlantic Environmental Solutions Inc. (AESI)

Commercial | July 2017 
Tune Into Global Real Estate Investment
Much has been said about foreign real estate investment in the United States and the impact it is having on the industry. Commercial mortgage brokers should be tuned into this trend and the implicatio...
By Matthew McGovern, director, GRS Group

Commercial | April 2017 
Alleviate Lending Headaches
There is no bigger headache for a broker or a property owner than getting a loan approved but then losing funding over an environmental issue. What can brokers do to protect their deals from this kind...
By D. Lynn Howells, underwriter, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | November 2008 
Property TypeCast
As brokers seek opportunities with more stability and less risk, the industrial sector stands out. Recent macroeconomic trends have worked to bolster the industrial sector’s performance, especially ...
By Victor Calanog, chief economist and senior vice president for research, Reis Inc.

Commercial | December 2014 
Property TypeCast
The recovery in the warehouse and distribution market continued apace in this past third quarter, and despite a drop in quarterly net absorption, demand remained strong. Occupied stock increased by ...
By Victor Calanog, chief economist and senior vice president for research, Reis Inc.; and Brad Doremus, senior analyst, Reis’ economics department

Commercial | February 2009 
Selling -- and Leasing Back -- to Survive
In slow economic times, solid companies often look for growth opportunities such as lower-cost acquisitions of faltering competitors or complementary businesses and shakeouts of weaker competition. ...
By David H. Steinwedell, managing partner, AIC Ventures

Commercial | April 2011 
What’s Next for the Industrial Market?
Like much of commercial real estate, the industrial market is in a state of uncertainty . Although the sector is known for its reliable cash-flowing properties, pricing has hit an all-time low. Moreov...
By Larry Kliger, CEO, Lawrence Allen & Associates

Commercial | April 2013 
What’s in Store for Industrial Properties?
In the past few years, the U.S. industrial marketplace has been shaped by the influence of global and national trends in employment, economic growth and consumer demand. Recent trends are creating new...
By Matthew Parrish, founder, Vesa Financial




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