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Articles about Loan-To-Value Ratio


Commercial | July 2005 
Start making sense: Real estate finance 101
Since the bursting of the tech-stock bubble and the continuing less-than-spectacular returns from the stock market, many investors have sought better yields elsewhere. In fact, many of these investo...
By Chad Thomas Hagwood, senior vice president and branch manager, GMAC Commercial Mortgage

Commercial | April 2006 
Searching High and Low
Creative capital structures that offer high leverage have proliferated for large properties. They remain hard to find, however, for owners or developers of small commercial properties, particularly ...
By David Beckerman, managing director, Metrovation Capital LLC

Commercial | January 2006 
Learn the Good from the Bad
If you follow the credit, income and collateral (CIC) rule of thumb when sourcing for commercial-loan candidates, you usually can’t go wrong. The information you find by assessing your clients’ CIC...
By Christopher Perez, loan consultant, NFRC Ventures

Residential | July 2006 
The Mathematics of Hard Equity
Does arithmetic frighten you? Some financial concepts involved in hard-equity loans can be confusing, especially to industry newcomers. Better understanding of some hard-equity-loan mathe...
By Gary Opper, president, Approved Financial Corp.

Commercial | August 2007 
Financing Facts
Recent statistics show that only one in 20 commercial loan applications actually make it to closing and ultimately get funded. There are many reasons why a lender would reject a loan application, bu...
By Tony Vo, vice president of capital relations, The VEC Financial Group

Commercial | July 2007 
Maximize the Loan
The landscape for commercial mortgage lending continues to evolve. From stated-income to owner-user, high loan to value (LTV) to negative debt-service-coverage ratio (DSCR), today’s commercial loan ...
By Jeffrey Pirhalla, president, Woodland Hills Capital

Commercial | June 2007 
Leverage Lessons
Successful mortgage professionals employ many techniques to win business. Selling on rate is not one of them. Commercial brokers will encounter rate-shoppers in any market environment, bu...
By Anthony Manno, director of correspondent lending, Silver Hill Financial LLC

Commercial | February 2007 
Prequalify Properly
Being preoccupied with factors such as credit scores and loan to value (LTV) causes many new commercial brokers to prequalify their loans improperly. This results in more loan fallout. With the sign...
By Kevin Robbins, president, Baypoint Financial Services

Residential | October 2007 
Without Seconds, What’s First?
It’s clear that great changes are taking place in the mortgage industry. Investors are doing what they can to protect themselves from loss, which will affect how much money borrowers provide at clo...
By Vance Edwards, marketing-program manager, MGIC

Residential | August 2007 
Hard Equity Shouldn’t Be Hard
In a perfect world, all mortgages would have real estate collateral with the following traditional characteristics: single-family residence; owner-occupied; concrete-block construction; built less t...
By Gary Opper, president, Approved Financial Corp.

Residential | August 2007 
PMI Vs. Piggybacks: Who’s Got Your Back?
With recent changes to the tax-deductibility of private mortgage insurance (PMI), the question arises: “What is the most cost-effective method of financing high loan-to-value (LTV) residential real ...
By Randy Groover, president and CEO, Seascape Financial Group

Residential | August 2007 
Make Specialty Properties Your Specialty
For many mortgage brokers, securing financing on a specialty property presents daunting challenges. But in a market of increasing rates, decreasing originations and wavering consumer confidence, man...
By Tisha D. Hartman, CEO, Mortgage Risk Solutions

Residential | March 2007 
Increase Business with Investor Clients
I’m not a mortgage broker or even a Realtor. I’m simply a client or prospect with a difference — I’m a real estate investor. Investors like me make much of your business possible, especial...
By Dr. Ken Rich, retired physician, professional real estate investor

Residential | February 2007 
5 Mistakes to Avoid
Some mortgage brokers work with private-mortgage investors to fund their clients’ deals. Private mortgage investors often are private individuals who lend their own money to others and who secure th...
By Paul Wells, president, Success Mortgage and Financial Services Co.

Commercial | December 2008 
4 Ways to Turn Oppression into Opportunity
The state of real estate finance is exceptionally precarious, hard to comprehend and difficult to navigate. There are fewer lenders in the market. Those that are still active have tightened the scre...
By Brad Rust, business-development officer, Western Capital Partners LLC


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