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Articles about Loan-To-Value Ratio


Commercial | May 2009 
Cap Rates: That's a Wrap?
With increasing capitalization rates and tightening capital, real estate values are declining each day. From 2002 to '08, if a property-owner maintained a level net operating income (NOI)...
By Greg Clauson, commercial adviser, Coldwell Banker Commercial United, Realtors

Commercial | September 2014 
Save the Deal With a Show of Faith
As a commercial mortgage broker, imagine telling a potential lender that you simply do not have any faith in your deal and that you’re not sure it will be successful. It’s not exactly confidence-inspi...
By Jerry Sager, senior managing director, First National

Commercial | February 2009 
Finding Private-Equity Answers
In today's tight credit market, most conventional mortgage lenders -- such as commercial banks and insurance companies -- are falling back on time-tested, conservative underwriting methods. This inc...
By Craig Grella, founder,

Commercial | April 2014 
Going Down the Paperless Road
Many commercial hard-money lenders are “going green” with paperless transactions. There are practical — and profitable — reasons for it. With so much turmoil in the real estate marketplace, ...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Commercial | November 2013 
Be Ready to Sail When Rates Are Raised
After years of speculation about the Federal Reserve’s quantitative-easing policies, players in the commercial real estate market are apprehensive. The Fed’s policy of purchasing large amounts of Trea...
By Odell Murry, president, MAI Financial Services Inc.

Commercial | December 2013 
Offering Safe Passage for Distressed Deals
This year easily could be called the year of the bridge loan. Encouraged by still-low interest rates, investors increasingly have sought bridge financing for deals in the distressed-property market....
By Elizabeth Braman, chief production officer, Realty Mogul

Commercial | September 2013 
Get Back to the Basics of Lending
Veteran commercial mortgage brokers may remember how easy lending was before the financial crisis. Lending terms were relaxed and many stated-income applications secured loans of as much as 100 percen...
By Paul Tringali, president and CEO, Bay Capital & Development Inc.

Commercial | June 2013 
Spot the Differences in SBA Lenders
Commercial mortgage brokers who have limited experience with loans guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) sometimes assemble a loan package that appears to be eligible for SBA fina...
By Rob Diodato, president, York Commercial Finance

Commercial | September 2010 
4 Criteria for Make-Sense Lending
Commercial mortgage brokers are aware that it is much more difficult to get their clients' commercial loans funded in these challenging times. The rules have changed for virtually all lending sources,...
By Dale Morrison, head of investor funding, Rescom Capital Corp. and Commercial Mortgage Corp.; and Leo Gluck, president, Rescom Capital Corp. and Commercial Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | July 2010 
Scrutiny Is the New Normal
From 2005 to '07, many commercial mortgage lenders based their underwriting decisions on strong future projections. In that period, lenders typically considered full occupancy in an office building or...
By Gina Koenen, vice president, commercial loan and marketing officer, Provident Bank

Commercial | February 2010 
Making Sense of Private Money's New Parameters
When traditional commercial lenders turn down their deals, many mortgage brokers and borrowers are increasingly turning to private-money -- aka, hard-money -- lenders for funding. Although these le...
By Leo Gluck, president, Rescom Capital Corp. and Commercial Mortgage Corp.; and Dale Morrison, head of investor funding, Rescom Capital Corp. and Commercial Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | February 2010 
Reach Out with Recapitalization
Collectively, commercial real estate owners across the country need to refinance more than $1 trillion in commercial debt in the next few years. And there isn't enough liquidity in the U.S. capital ma...
By Andrew Bogdanoff, chairman, Remington Financial Group Inc

Commercial | January 2010 
Know Your Owner-User Deals
Many mortgage brokers consider owner-user loans to be the simplest loans for which they can qualify borrowers. In addition, banks that prefer these loans often like them because they can be made fo...
By Courtney Sapin, broker, Commercial Mortgage Broker Services

Residential | July 2010 
Hello, Jumbo
If you've made it this far through the financial crisis, you know about the abrupt halt to the jumbo-loan market that took place a couple of years ago. In large part, this was brought on by the exodus...
By Jon Bodan, broker, The Perpetual Financial Group Inc

Residential | July 2010 
Mortgage Insurance: Consider the Options
Homebuyers putting down less than 20 percent have two basic mortgage-insurance options: loans the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures or those insured privately. Premiums for both are tax-...
By Christopher J. Antonello, senior vice president of marketing, Genworth Mortgage Insurance


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