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Articles about Loan-To-Value Ratio


Residential | January 2010 
Finding a Niche in Foreign Investors
Foreign investors will play an integral part in the real estate recovery in many regions of the U.S., particularly in hard-hit resort areas. Mortgage brokers looking to pad their business during the o...
By Justine Assal, owner, ACM Financial

Residential | January 2010 
New Market Realities Take Hold
Conventional mortgage loans have become increasingly more difficult. Not only have agency standards tightened, but mortgage-insurance requirements also have added limitations. With manual restrictions...
By Richard Smith, loan originator, Churchill Mortgage

Residential | January 2010 
The Promise of Automation
The decline in home values caused by price correction, short sales and foreclosures, among other things, has created a market in which property appraisals often come in lower than expected. This disru...
By Greg Holmes, national director of sales and marketing, Credit Plus Inc.

Commercial | October 2011 
Now Is the Time to Make a Move on SBA’s 504 Program
With continued discussion about the slow recovery and the ongoing debate on the deficit, it’s not surprising that uncertainty about the future lingers in small-business owners’ minds. Business owners ...
By Barbara Morrison, founder and president, TMC Financing

Commercial | April 2011 
What’s Next for the Industrial Market?
Like much of commercial real estate, the industrial market is in a state of uncertainty . Although the sector is known for its reliable cash-flowing properties, pricing has hit an all-time low. Moreov...
By Larry Kliger, CEO, Lawrence Allen & Associates

Commercial | March 2011 
Dip into a New Pool of Business
Since it was enacted this past September, the Small Business Jobs Act has had wide-ranging effects on the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loan industry. Two provisions in the bill — the abili...
By Jordan Blanchard, founder, Secondary Market Access

Commercial | February 2011 
Hard Money’s Not What It Used to Be
As commercial mortgage brokers know, gone are the golden days of easy underwriting and fast credit. Many hard-money lenders are no longer in business, and most of those that remain have substantially ...
By Glen Weinberg, chief operating officer, Fairview Commercial Lending

Commercial | February 2011 
How Well Do You Know Hard Money?
These days, pushing a loan through underwriting at a commercial bank can be an exercise in futility. Commercial mortgage brokers have all had experiences submitting documents, getting preapprovals, ha...
By Craig Grella, founder,

Residential | August 2011 
Why Generation Y Matters
Sustainability in business involves more than environmental sensibility. It also requires predicting developing trends accurately and positioning your business ahead of wide-scale market developments....
By Thomas L. Testa, CEO and co-founder, Testa Capital Group

Residential | June 2011 
Predicting the Future of Mortgage Products
Every week or two, we read something new about how the mortgage industry will soon be shaken to its core. Although these reports frighten some of us, they should at least concern us all. Whether you'r...
By Ken Lambert, CEO, Ken Lambert Mortgage Enterprises Inc

Commercial | October 2012 
Whatever Happened to Distressed Properties?
After the dramatic 2008 economic crash, there were predictions that the commercial real estate market would be awash with distressed properties that could be snatched up for pennies on the dollar. Bar...
By Terry Robinson, founder and CEO, Genesis Capital

Commercial | September 2012 
Striking the Right Balance
In the past few years, the focus of the commercial real estate industry has been on the capital markets’ recovery, particularly for trophy assets and large loans. All eyes have been on new deals that ...
By Keith Van Arsdale, president and CEO, BMC Capital

Commercial | July 2012 
The SBA 504 Solution
 Even the most-experienced commercial mortgage brokers occasionally find themselves challenged in arranging finances for a tough project. This was the case with a Southern Calif.-based mortgage b...
By Barbara A. Vohryzek, president, Vohryzek & Co.

Commercial | March 2012 
Stepping in to Fill the Void
In today’s tight lending environment, nonbank lenders are taking the lead in offering government-guaranteed financing. It is essential for commercial mortgage brokers to understand the reasons that ha...
By Jordan Blanchard, founder, Secondary Market Access

Commercial | April 2013 
7 Credit Hurdles to Clear
In the commercial mortgage industry, top performers typically are the ones who can predict, with reasonable accuracy, the reaction and feedback of the credit underwriters for each of the lenders to wh...
By Tim Thomas, senior business-development officer, Centennial Lending LLC


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