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Articles about Marketing


Residential | April 2010 
5 Ways to Break Through Your Plateau
One of the great things about being a mortgage broker is meeting other industry professionals at trade shows and similar events. But when brokers get to talking, many often express a constant struggle...
By Ryan B. Sharratt, broker, Alaska National Mortgage LLC

Residential | March 2010 
10 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Returns
You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a huge marketing impact. In fact, the following 10 tips require more creativity and guts than monetary output. Some of the best ways to let people know a...
By Mark Anthony McCray, CEO, First Capital Commercial Finance

Residential | March 2010 
Blogging About Industry Events
When it comes to keeping your blog fresh and up-to-date, nothing beats a mortgage-industry event for content opportunities. Regardless of whether you plan to attend them, conferences and other indu...
By Rick Grant, principal, Rick Grant & Associates

Residential | March 2010 
How to Win the Web-Popularity Contest
Online marketing is one of the most-important pieces of business promotion. The question mortgage brokers must ask when it comes to mastering online marketing is: What do search engines seek? What ...
By John Driscoll, co-founder, Organic Sales

Residential | February 2010 
Harness the Power of Marketing
In the past year, marketing strategies for mortgage companies have changed. As a new audience receives mortgage brokers’ advertisements in an uncertain market, brokers face the burden of proving their...
By Joy Gendusa, founder and CEO, PostcardMania

Residential | February 2010 
How to Blog Corporate News
Many marketing executives are surprised to find that selling corporate management on the idea of blogging is not the most challenging part of the process. The tougher job is keeping the blog fresh and...
By Rick Grant, principal, Rick Grant & Associates

Residential | January 2010 
Video Made the Marketing Star
Many people in the mortgage industry want to attract and retain a loyal client base using clever strategies that require virtually no marketing budget. Implementing Web 2.0 with video e-mails represen...
By Carl White, president, Time Mortgage

Residential | January 2010 
Building a Strategy for Social Media
In many respects, the business of being a mortgage broker has moved to the Web. Our customers typically look there first for loan products and rates, our partners can connect with us through Web-based...
By Rick Grant, principal, Rick Grant & Associates

Commercial | December 2011 
How to Market Successfully
In the past, traditional marketing for commercial hard-money mortgage brokers was localized: You placed an ad in the local newspaper or you posted a few bandit signs around your home and office. To su...
By Craig Grella, founder,

Commercial | November 2011 
Marketing Hotels in a Downturn
To state the obvious, hotels make money by selling hotel rooms. There are other revenue sources, such as food and beverage, spa, golf, parking, rents, etc., but typically, 75 percent of hotel revenue ...
By Jay Litt, president, The Litt Group

Commercial | July 2011 
How to Be a Valuable Mortgage Broker
Underwriting expertise and strong  communication and interpersonal skills are ground-floor requirements for any successful mortgage broker. Debt today is relatively easy to compare on terms and t...
By David Dufenhorst, chief investment officer, Security Properties

Commercial | April 2011 
Develop Your Business … Quietly
If not properly planned and carefully thought through, business development can be an expensive and inefficient endeavor for companies and render little or no value. The mention of business developmen...
By Manuel V. Sicre, chief financial officer, EMP Medical Services and Central Medical Equipment Rental

Residential | December 2011 
Translating SEO Strategy into Sales
Achieving search-engine optimization (SEO) success is disheartening when it doesn’t lead to sales. You invest time and money in SEO work and marketing, and you achieve good results. Your website is fi...
By J.C. Kiadii, customer-liaison manager,

Residential | December 2011 
6 Ways to Make the New Year a Hit
As 2011 comes to a close, many mortgage originators may realize that what they meant to do and what they have done don’t match up well. This is perfectly natural, especially given where the country is...
By Chris Jones, branch manager, City 1st Mortgage Services

Residential | December 2011 
Success Is Within Your Reach
What is easier to do — get another loan from a real estate agent with whom you’ve previously worked or get a loan from a Realtor with whom you’ve never worked before? Of course, the former is easier. ...
By Pat Hiban, author, 6 Steps to 7 Figures


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