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Articles about Marketing


Residential | March 2013 
Compete for the Spotlight
 Over the past few years, changes in the mortgage industry have brought to borrowers’ attention the importance of working with mortgage brokers and originators who know how to navigate today’s le...
By Darrin Stobaugh, consultant

Residential | March 2013 
More Tools for Your Toolbox
In the past few years, the mortgage industry has seen a resurgence of products from the past. Whether it’s downpayment-assistance programs or asset-depletion programs, the lending arena is opening bac...
By Matt Steinmetz, branch manager, Envoy Mortgage

Residential | March 2013 
Creating a Powerful Web Presence
When the World Wide Web was first launched to the public, it changed the business world forever. Companies of all kinds began to extend beyond their brick-and-mortar walls, and that put an increasing ...
By Chad Jampedro, president and co-owner, GSF Mortgage Corp.

Residential | March 2013 
Seeing Recovery Down the FHA Path
As the American public frets over the financial future of our nation and government officials lay out possible course corrections, it’s time for high-impact industries such as the mortgage business to...
By Ray Brousseau, president, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC

Residential | February 2013 
Mortgages Go Mobile
When remote bank deposits first appeared, they revolutionized retail banking. Today, mobile devices are poised to do the same for the mortgage industry. More and more customers are demanding engagemen...
By Bruce Orcutt, senior director of product marketing for mobile, Kofax

Residential | January 2013 
5 Tips for Stronger HR
Start-up companies face a number of tall tasks at their onset, and ensuring high-quality human-resources (HR) services can be a difficult task. At a time when many mortgage banks and brokerages are op...
By Suzanne Gonsalves, senior human resources leader, Bexil American Mortgage Inc; and Linda Brawley-Carroll, director of talent management and development, Bexil American Mortgage Inc

Residential | January 2011 
Tackle 2011 with a Strong E-mail Plan
Today's mortgage brokers face several challenges, including: Client acquisition and conversion. The mortgage industry is competitive. Acquiring new clients is one of the greatest challenges new and...
By Melanie Attia, director of software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing, e-SignLive

Residential | January 2013 
Focus on Interaction and Education
As 2013 begins, many mortgage professionals are focused on creating paths to becoming more successful. For some, 2012 was a frustrating year. It always felt as though the economy was taking one step f...
By Joe Amoroso, director of national sales, Real Estate Mortgage Network Inc.

Residential | October 2012 
Rebuilding and Reenergizing
Rebrand your business with focus and drive The mortgage industry can be a fickle place — as any branch manager, loan officer or broker who’s been laid off knows all too well. In these difficult tim...
By Dana Mundy, certified mortgage planner and branch manager, Cherry Creek Mortgage

Residential | October 2012 
What’s in Your Toolkit?
For many mortgage brokers and originators, technology has been the driving agent for improving numerous aspects of day-to-day operations. One of the most important tools in the proverbial box is now s...
By Michael Mekler, founder and owner, Liberty First Capital

Residential | October 2012 
Post, Blog and Broker
As brokers and originators finalize their marketing strategies for this fourth quarter, it’s easy to see how much more challenging the industry has become since the height of the recession. Increased ...
By Anthony Eddolls, CEO and creative director, Extreme Content Media LLC

Residential | November 2012 
Are You Using Social Media to Its Fullest?
It’s difficult to express just how significantly smartphones have altered the way in which people communicate. And, with the rise of smartphones has come the rise of social media. Although social medi...
By Jessica MacFaddin, intern, Norcom Mortgage

Residential | November 2012 
Mine Your Data to Build Your Brand
Hidden in many companies’ websites and databases are gold mines of information that could build their brands. By turning client surveys and local-market information into usable — and reportable — data...
By Steve Cook, managing editor, Real Estate Economy Watch and UPI Real Estate

Residential | December 2012 
Bring More to the Table Than Food
Mortgage brokers and real estate agents have the same targets — people who want to buy homes — so partnerships between the two are logical and often highly profitable. Many brokers simply want to show...
By Jim Lowenstern, CEO, Castles Unlimited

Residential | January 2012 
Finding New Paths to Lead Generation
Interest rates are at all-time lows. Housing prices are discounted. Owning a home has become more affordable than renting in many areas. After three years of turmoil, the real estate market is poised ...
By Stuart Blend, regional sales manager, Planet Home Lending


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