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Articles about Marketing


Residential | September 2017 
The New Face of the Market
A lot of discussion these days surrounds millennials (individuals ages 18-34) and diverse market segments. Part of the reason for this interest is that the millennial generation is the largest consume...
By L. Maria Vergara, president, NAHREP Consulting Services

Residential | September 2017 
Review Your Reviews
When someone asks, “What type of work do you do?” you probably say something like: “I’m a loan originator,” or “I’m a branch manager,” or “I own a mortgage company.” While these are factuall...
By Daryl Spector, founder, Close More Loans USA

Residential | September 2017 
DIY Lending Websites
Robots have been showing up quite a bit in the news lately. Not the robots themselves, per se, but the steadily growing impact of robots on the global workforce. Accounting and professional ser...
By Carlos Sa, head of information technology, Mortgage Network Inc.

Residential | September 2017 
Go Social to Get Local Leads
There are so many marketing avenues that mortgage companies and loan originators can spend their time, energy and money on to increase their purchase and refinance business that trying to figure...
By Nathan Rufty, mortgage coach and trainer, Mortgage Marketing Pros

Residential | September 2017 
Get Into the Headlines
It is important for mortgage originators to build a personal identity and relate to their customers. Personal branding is a great tool for building business and furthering a career. It allows potentia...
By Jeffrey Nelson, creator,

Residential | September 2017 
Move Beyond the Headlines
Albert Einstein once said: “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” Over the last few months, numerous articles, graphs, analytical reports and economists’ blog...
By Bubba Mills, CEO and owner, Corcoran Consulting & Coaching Inc.

Residential | September 2017 
Supporting Success
It takes several characteristics to be a great loan originator. An originator needs drive, tenacity, a hint of charm, an ability to make strong connections with people in a limited period of time and ...
By Nikki Groff, chief marketing and business development officer, Wallick & Volk Mortgage

Residential | September 2017 
Forging a Digital Connection
Few words get mortgage loan originators, branch managers and marketing professionals as excited about life as the term “social media.” Perhaps “fast closing” or “free food.” Something special happens ...
By Dawn Dawson, marketing director, Mortgage Solutions Financial

Residential | September 2017 
Digital Danger Zone
The introduction of the printing press in the 15th century made it possible to distribute ideas on a scale never before imagined. Several hundred years later, radio and television allowed messages to ...
By Whitney Blessington, vice president of marketing, Churchill Mortgage

Residential | August 2017 
Tune Up Your Product Knowledge
Key Points Mortgage originator tools Mortgage originators have a range of tools available to help them put creditworthy borrowers into sustainable mortgages. None of that matters, however,...
By Ben Shaevitz, senior vice president of loan origination, Patch of Land

Residential | August 2017 
Go Beyond the Baseline
What do borrowers look for when choosing a mortgage originator? They tend to look for someone who is credible, diligent, reliable and trustworthy. They want to work with an originator they feel ...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Commercial | August 2017 
Know the Right Stuff
Success for commercial mortgage brokers comes down to not just working hard, but working smart. A combination of a strong work ethic and common sense will serve any broker well, regardless of the type...
By Valerie Sweeney, executive vice president, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Residential | July 2017 
Transcending Technology
In today’s digital era, almost every industry is looking to utilize technology to innovate their products, outperform their competitors and expand consumer outreach. Despite the necessity for technolo...
By Curt Tegeler, president and CEO, WebMax

Residential | July 2017 
Compete on an Equal Footing
Has the thought ever crossed your mind about what your business would look like if you could level the playing field against your biggest competitors? Better yet, what would it mean to you if you coul...
By Daryl Spector, founder, Close More Loans USA

Residential | June 2017 
Understanding Diverse Markets
A bank or mortgage company looking to increase its footprint in diverse mortgage markets should examine all aspects of the process that impacts lending performance. Some critical areas to re...
By L. Maria Vergara, president, NAHREP Consulting Services


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