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Commercial | June 2016 
Courting the Hipster
Hipsters may be tough to define and even tougher to understand, but real estate and commercial mortgage professionals ignore this large group at their own peril. Whatever their quirkiness, this is a g...
By Odell Murry, president, MAI Financial Services Inc.

Residential | May 2016 
For Future Refi Success, Visit the Past
Refinances can be a fast track to getting quick closings for mortgage originators. The problem is that it can be difficult to attract a steady stream of refinance clients without reinventing the wheel...
By Nathan Rufty, mortgage coach and trainer, Mortgage Marketing Pros

Residential | May 2016 
With Internet Leads, Try, Try and Try Again
To convert more Internet leads and maximize the number of closed loans, you need to have different approaches to front- and back-end marketing. Converting front-end sales i...
By Mike Mahoney, real estate and mortgage professional

Residential | March 2016 
Come Together to Close Loans
Creating mortgages involves many moving parts, and dozens of people help bring those parts together. Each of those parts can sometimes act independently, creating gaps in the origination and closing p...
By Chris Backe, director of financial services, Velocify

Commercial | March 2016 
Support and Protect Your Clients
If you act as a trusted advocate and adviser, and think of your clients as more than mere sources of revenue, they will stand by you in good and bad times. Do you have customers, or clients...
By David Kocharhook, vice president of sales, 1st PMF Bancorp

Commercial | March 2016 
Referral Networks Are the Cornerstone of Business Growth
One of the most important factors in the success of any commercial mortgage originator is the ability to fully develop a referral network in order to close more commercial real estate loans. Without a...
By Bob Worthington, director of business development, APEX Mortgage Corp

Commercial | March 2016 
Weave Knowledge into New Business
An effective business-development plan weaves together seemingly simple elements you encounter on the job every day as a loan originator. Relationships with business professionals, combined with your ...
By Rob Diodato, president, York Commercial Finance

Residential | March 2016 
Be a Well-Balanced Originator
When thinking about the desire to grow a brand, expand a market or increase revenue, a common thought is to increase the number of salespeople. Another valuable approach, however, can be to expand the...
By Matthew Keck, regional vice president of production, Mountain West Financial Inc

Residential | March 2016 
Harness the Power of the ‘Play’ Button
If a picture is worth a thousand words, the value of a product video could very well be worth a thousand leads. James McQuivey of Forrester Research says the value of a one...
By Cal Haupt, chief executive officer, Southeast Mortgage

Residential | March 2016 
Heed the Golden Rule of Service
A business traveler arrives at the gate early for his flight home and decides that he needs a shoeshine. He takes a seat at a nearby shoeshine stand. “Are you in a rush?” the owner o...
By Todd Duncan, founder, The Duncan Group

Residential | March 2016 
Get to Know Social Media
Care to step into the world of social media? Why not? You are a vast wealth of life and mortgage knowledge, you have products and skills to offer, and once you get to know the basics, it...
By Sarah Lubran, broker and marketing coordinator, Velocity Mortgage Capital

Residential | January 2016 
Millennials Need a Human Touch in Homebuying
The millennial generation, typically defined as those born between the early 1980s and 2000, in sheer numbers is staggering, encompassing an estimated 83.1 million Americans — more than a quar...
By Hunt Gersin, president and CEO, Neighborhood Sales Consultants

Commercial | December 2015 
Branch Out With a Blog
You never know where your company’s blog and related social media efforts will take you. They can set the stage for introductions to new people and new industry ideas, establish you as an authority on...
By Chris Panebianco, chief marketing officer, Bankers Healthcare Group (

Residential | December 2015 
Slay the Time Monster
It’s one of the biggest demons looming over all businesspeople, particularly mortgage loan originators. No matter how much work they get done, there’s never enough time in a day to do absolutely every...
By Mike Jensen, executive vice president of growth, Academy Mortgage Corp.

Residential | December 2015 
Blogging Is a Tool for Engaging Homebuyers
Would average customers stop by their banks’ websites regularly to see what’s good to read? Lender websites and social media pages are primarily havens for ultra-safe articles that simply are not very...
By Gren Blackall, banking consultant


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