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Articles about Mezzanine Lending


Commercial | November 2018 
Help Clients Soar With C-PACE
As the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing sector matures, more real estate owners, developers and mortgage brokers are discovering that C-PACE offers the kind of flexibility ...
By Woolsey McKernon, senior vice president and chief revenue officer, CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital Inc.; and Chris Robbins, managing director, CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital Inc.

Commercial | August 2018 
Look Beyond Today
Demand for commercial real estate capital has increased nationwide in the past few years. Regulations implemented after the financial crisis a decade ago, however, have led banks to use more cautious ...
By Justin Short, managing director of proprietary lending, Hunt Mortgage Group

Commercial | February 2018 
Find the Middle Layer
Mezzanine lending in commercial real estate, which has been an established form of financing for more than two decades, is a hybrid of senior debt and equity. It fills the gap between a first-position...
By Doug Lyons, managing principal, Pearlmark Real Estate; and Randall Zisler, chairman, Zisler Capital Associates

Commercial | September 2017 
Fill the Gap in Industrial Development
Chatter within the commercial real estate industry suggests we have reached, if not surpassed, the crest of the current market cycle, but the industrial sector is stronger than ever. According...
By Matthew Doerr, vice president, Buchanan Street Partners

Commercial | August 2017 
Tap the Untouchable Value in Investment Properties
When a property owner needs a particular type of financing, they often turn to a trusted commercial mortgage broker to help navigate the marketplace and arrange the most optimal financing for unlockin...
By Andrew McManus, senior vice president, QuickLiquidity

Commercial | October 2004 
Mezzanine & Equity Financing to Optimize Your Capital Structure
As lenders and mortgage advisers, my partners and I have seen our share of real estate development and acquisition transactions over the past two decades. One trend that we have all witnessed is th...
By David Ross, managing director, Tremont Realty Capital

Commercial | March 2006 
Navigating Negotiations
For a long time, mezzanine financing was more of an industry buzz-term than an actual employed product. Many senior debt lenders shied away from it and viewed it simply as the incurring of additiona...
By Daniel Edrei, director, Meecorp Capital Markets

Commercial | January 2006 
This Year’s Models
In the past few years, low interest rates, low-yield money and heavy residential demand fueled an unprecedented boom in the real estate finance industry. In 2005, lenders became more aggressive and ...
By Ray Wicken, managing director, Mountain Funding; and Scott Wicken, senior analyst, Mountain Funding

Commercial | March 2007 
Mezzanine Financing on Condo Building
First, the bad news: Condominium-construction financing has become more restrictive and, in some instances, scarce. Many lenders have reached their threshold for these deals and have stopped lending...
By Daniel Edrei, director, Meecorp Capital Markets

Commercial | February 2007 
Sorting Out Mezzanine Financing
As more money flows into real-estate-related investments, new and innovative financing products are following. In commercial real estate, mezzanine financing continues to be a hot topic. ...
By Joseph Bonora, CEO, Joseph Scott Financial

Commercial | October 2008 
How to Win Investors’ Business
Commercial brokers are starting to wonder how to stay in business while the market works through its liquidity, credit and property deleveraging process. The name of the game is loan investors -- pa...
By Joe Caton, managing director, Hartford One Group

Commercial | September 2008 
Diversify to Stay Prepared
Commercial mortgage brokers are in an excellent position to benefit from the downturn in real estate. While it appears that the market has contracted and opportunities have stagnated, creative mortg...
By Milton Franklin, founder and president, Commercial Mortgage Exchange Inc.

Commercial | August 2008 
Building Bridges with Private Lenders
There are many reasons to be spooked about commercial real estate finance in today’s economy. Commercial-mortgage-backed securities (CMBSs) have faded, with issuance of only $5.9 billion...
By Daniel Edrei, director, Meecorp Capital Markets

Commercial | February 2008 
How Private Equity Fits Your Deals
With credit markets tightening, many developers and investors are being forced to the sidelines as the big banks run for cover. In this environment, private equity provides a way to turn deals aroun...
By Justin Miller, branch manager, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc

Commercial | July 2009 
Seeking Prosperity in a Capital Desert
Despite the government's plans to jump-start lending by pumping billions of dollars into the financial sector, banks and portfolio lenders are still saddled with about $2 trillion in toxic assets -- t...
By Jeffrey D. Black, analyst , Colliers Meredith & Grew


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