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Articles about Mortgage Applications


Residential | June 2006 
Living the Dream
“My mother was an honest and hard-working woman. We lived in apartments all of my childhood. Mother always managed to make rent, but there was never enough left over after living expenses to accumu...
By Elisa Black, director of marketing and communication, Esther Foundation

Residential | May 2006 
In Good Faith
A great way to earn repeat business from your clients is to calculate the closing costs on their good-faith estimate (GFE) as closely as possible. Many buyers and Realtors complain about ...
By Todd Zurik, senior loan officer, Landover Mortgage

Residential | April 2006 
More Processing Red Flags
In last month’s Scotsman Guide, I discussed the top 10 processing red flags. There are more common processing mistakes, however. Below are 10 more things to watch out for that can affect a loan’s t...
By Marian DeBonis, owner, CyberSpace Financial

Residential | March 2006 
Processing: 10 Red Flags
The world of processing has its ups and downs, but in the mortgage industry, time is money — and if you don’t close, you don’t make money. So, how do you avoid getting caught in the pitfalls of proc...
By Marian DeBonis, owner, CyberSpace Financial

Commercial | January 2007 
Penalties Don’t Have to Be a Pain
Prepayment penalties are Lucifer’s gift to lending. Borrowers place them on the same list as taxes, public speaking and root canals. But should this be the case? Are prepayment penalties all bad? ...
By Jay Halverson, vice president, ValueXpress

Residential | November 2007 
Answer Rate Questions Confidently
As a mortgage broker, your job is all about serving your borrowers. You meet them, help them with applications and find them a loan. Throughout the process, you answer their questions. A...
By Jason Harris, CEO, Freedom First Financial Inc.

Residential | August 2007 
1003s Can Help Commercial Deals
One of the best ways to get a quick and accurate answer from commercial mortgage lenders on your commercial deals is to submit complete information from the start. When you omit important informatio...
By Mark Langman, account executive, APEX Mortgage

Residential | August 2007 
Commercial Partnerships Can Pay
With the recent changes in the residential marketplace because of the nonprime debacle, allegations of fraud and slowing refinance business, most residential mortgage brokers are left scratching the...
By Richard Henderson, vice president, Direct Capital Corp.

Residential | July 2007 
A System for Selling
When people speak to you about a mortgage loan for at least five minutes, consider them leads. Whether they qualify or not, you know you’ve piqued their interest. It’s an opportunity to score by clo...
By Eric T. Mitchell, area manager, Charter Funding

Residential | July 2007 
What to Know About Reverse Mortgages
The growth of reverse mortgages has created excitement in the mortgage industry. The number of federally insured reverse mortgages made in the United States in fiscal year 2006 was 76,35...
By David Peskin, CEO, Lender Lead Solutions

Residential | July 2007 
The Need for a Fair Loan Process
The news about the mortgage industry in the past few months has spurred a dialogue about the fairness of the home-loan process. Many consumers argue that loan-officer practices are manipulative and ...
By Kevin Boileau, CEO, BPI Consulting Group Inc.

Residential | July 2007 
Steps Toward National Licensing
In just four years, the number of states with legislation for licensing loan officers (LOs) has increased from three to 33. Plus, seven more states have introduced and are considering implementing ...
By Herbert H. Thomas, president, Thomas Law Firm PC

Residential | May 2007 
Business Across the Border
There is an opportunity for mortgage originators who wish to help the aging baby boomer population and other U.S. residents purchase vacation homes and second homes. That opportunity lies south of t...
By Tim Kelley, chief operating officer, IMI Group

Residential | May 2007 
Behind the Curtain
Stated-income mortgages were popular in the past few years. Mortgage brokers and lenders offered these loans — which often were in the nonprime market — to help an increasing number of homeowners pu...
By David L. Hippensteel, group member, Gerson Lehrman Group Councils

Residential | May 2007 
Welcoming Hispanic Borrowers
U.S. Hispanics, like other minorities, often face challenges to reaching homeownership. Although U.S. homeownership is near an all-time high — nearing 70 percent — racial and ethnic gaps have increa...
By Yanique Lawrence, chief operating officer, Citizens Home Loan


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