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Articles about Multifamily


Commercial | November 2019 
Trends to Watch in 2020
As we near the end of 2019, the economic outlook is increasingly uncertain. A real estate downturn is eventually expected to follow this extended upswing that began after the financial crash a decade ...
By Pat Jackson, CEO, Sabal Capital Partners LLC

Commercial | September 2019 
Avoid the Short-Term Trap
Sometimes it seems your only choices in funding a commercial real estate deal lead to a short-term trap. You have the option of gambling on an adjustable interest rate, or going for a fixed-rate loan ...
By Noah Grayson, president and founder, South End Capital Corp. (SECC)

Commercial | August 2019 
Make the Old New Again
Millennial-age renters are driving much of today’s demand for apartments, and millennials have made their preferences clear. They want to live in trendy neighborhoods close to where they work. They wa...
By Daniel Palmier, founder, president, and CEO, UC Funds

Commercial | July 2019 
Full Steam Ahead
Less than a decade ago, Fannie Mae began an untested concept, embarking on a new program to finance so-called green apartment buildings. The movement to make apartments more energy and water efficient...
By Karyn Sper, director of multifamily green and healthy-housing financing, Fannie Mae

Commercial | June 2019 
Tap Into the Multifamily Ecosystem
Multifamily assets have been star performers for several years. Property values have risen solidly and investors continue to make capital readily available in their pursuit of attractive returns...
By Paul Rahimian, CEO, Parkview Financial

Commercial | April 2019 
Shifting Demographics Are Boosting the Multifamily Market
The national homeownership rate in second-quarter 2018 represented one of the first year-over-year increases since 2006 in the share of U.S. households that own their homes. Yet, real estate inv...
By Brian A. Emmons, senior vice president of commercial banking and participations, Merchants Bank

Commercial | February 2019 
Economic Trends Favor the Multifamily Market
With a seemingly more hawkish Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, in place, coupled with a humming economy, many are anticipating a continued rise in interest rates. Some fear that will lead to h...
By Adam S. Finkel, co-founder, Tower Capital

Commercial | February 2019 
Smaller Cities Have Big Potential
The past decade has ushered in a new age of the American city. Economics, demographics and lifestyle preferences have fueled this shift, which has afforded many small and midsize cities the chance to ...
By Brandon Pate, vice president, Hunt Real Estate Capital

Commercial | January 2019 
Tap Into the Promise of the Rental Market
About 43 million American households rent rather than own their homes because of convenience, cost or both, according to The Pew Charitable Trusts. The decision to rent rather than own hinges on sever...
By Michael Oddi, chief marketing officer, Velocity Mortgage Capital

Commercial | November 2018 
Renters Are the New Gold Standard
During the second half of 2018, the commercial real estate market has adapted to major shifts occurring within the multifamily sector since 2017. Last year saw a significant increase in renters over h...
By Daniel Palmier, founder, president, and CEO, UC Funds

Commercial | November 2018 
Grab onto Affordable-Housing Solutions
A lack of affordable housing continues to plague the United States. There simply isn’t enough new construction in either the for-sale or rental categories to meet today’s needs. Several factors ...
By Pat Jackson, CEO, Sabal Capital Partners LLC

Residential | September 2018 
The Multifamily Arena Can Be Lucrative
Many investors in recent years have shifted from acquiring residential real estate — one to four units — to the multifamily space, which is defined as five or more units. Some reasons for this transit...
By Misty Read, director, Hunt Real Estate Capital

Commercial | September 2018 
Prepare for GSE Reform
The future direction of government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has been a hot-button topic for debate across the multifamily and commercial mortgage industry. Commercial re...
By Susan Graham, president and chief operating officer, Financial Industry Computer Systems Inc.

Commercial | July 2018 
Explore the Freddie Mac Fast Track
Cities around the United States have been suffering from a housing-affordability crisis for a number of years. The gap between the supply of and demand for affordable housing has been growing as the c...
By Joshua Reiss, vice president, Hunt Mortgage Group

Commercial | June 2018 
The Quest for a Common Digital Language
Much of the appeal of investing in commercial real estate is that it is a tangible asset. For many lenders, buyers and commercial mortgage brokers assessing multifamily properties, however, what is ev...
By Elliot Vermes, founder, redIQ


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