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Articles about Multifamily


Commercial | September 2012 
5 Steps to Better Multifamily Returns
The multifamily sector has been the shining star in the commercial real estate market in the nascent recovery from the recent recession. With low vacancy rates and strengthening rental rates almost na...
By Nick Alicastro, vice president of business development, Western National Property Management

Commercial | July 2012 
5 Insider Tips for HUD Deals
Tight credit conditions recently have prompted scores of multifamily and health-care property owners and developers to flock to loan-insurance programs offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Ur...
By Adrian Hartman, director of originations, Love Funding

Commercial | June 2012 
Find Opportunity in Distress
Across the country, the commercial real estate sector is showing signs of recovery, and prices are gradually returning to pre-recession levels in some metropolitan areas. Still, when buyers are shoppi...
By Fred Massa, CEO and founder, Industrial Concepts Brokerage LLC

Commercial | June 2012 
Are Your Deals Fair and Square?
The Fair Housing Act, initially established to prevent discrimination in the sale or leasing of housing, has been amended several times to encompass a variety of protected classes. Since 1991, the act...
By Tom Bernaciak, chief Federal Housing Administration (FHA) underwriter, First Housing Development Corp.

Commercial | April 2012 
Unlocking Multifamily Bond Financing
Throughout the country, tax-exempt bond programs are in place to provide much-needed financing for acquiring multifamily projects. Their goal is to ensure availability of affordable housing for low-in...
By Michael Zukerman, managing director, Whitestone Realty Capital LLC

Commercial | March 2012 
An Old Player Rises to a New Challenge
Commercial mortgage brokers and  apartment owners know that financing options are limited. Where capital is available, traditional lenders have tightened financing terms significantly since the f...
By Kathryn Thompson, regional vice president, Rockhall Funding Corp.

Commercial | March 2012 
HUD Takes Aim at Loan Delays
Commercial mortgage brokers  who have worked with clients in the multifamily and health-care sectors to utilize Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan-insurance programs have routinely traded ...
By Jonathan Camps, senior vice president and managing director of production, Love Funding

Commercial | March 2013 
Spot Large Rewards in Small Deals
In the commercial mortgage market, the small-loan business — despite its name — is big and potentially profitable for almost everyone involved. Many multifamily-property owners looking for financing d...
By Rick Wolf, senior managing director, Greystone Servicing Corp.


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