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Articles about Multifamily


Commercial | October 2016 
The Blanket-Mortgage Advantage
Let’s take a step back and analyze the reasons why commercial mortgage brokers have not had a strong focus on the residential income-property portfolio space. The first misconception to address is tha...
By Tim Leber, origination analyst, Colony American Finance

Commercial | August 2016 
Just Overlook Background Checks?
Under new standards adopted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), landlords risk sanctions if they refuse to rent to individuals with criminal records. By learning the details...
By Odell Murry, president, MAI Financial Services Inc.

Commercial | June 2016 
Courting the Hipster
Hipsters may be tough to define and even tougher to understand, but real estate and commercial mortgage professionals ignore this large group at their own peril. Whatever their quirkiness, this is a g...
By Odell Murry, president, MAI Financial Services Inc.

Commercial | May 2016 
A Second Look at Section 8
Apartments rented under the federal government’s Section 8 Rental Certificate low-income housing program are often stigmatized, as are the landlords who own them. But for owners who maintain and manag...
By Tim Leber, origination analyst, Colony American Finance

Commercial | December 2015 
Management Pros Boost Value
You have to spend money to make money, or so the old saying goes. That is precisely why it makes good financial sense for owners and investors to hire a management company to increase the value of a c...
By Brian Morelan, chief operating officer, Trigild

Commercial | August 2015 
Feel at Home with Rentals
A growing number of consumers, young and old, are deciding that renting makes more sense than buying. Forecasters say that trend is likely to continue, making investments in single-family resid...
By Jennifer Goralski, lender

Commercial | April 2015 
Climb Up to Energy Efficiency
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the combined annual energy cost for U.S. commercial buildings exceeds $100 billion, and 30 percent of this energy is used inefficiently or ...
By Glenn Adams, national director of energy services, AEI Consultants

Commercial | December 2003 
Financing Your Condominium Conversion
Chicken or the egg? Are consistently decreasing cap rates on multi-family properties forcing developers to consider condominium conversion as a way to increase profitability? Or is the mad rush to con...
By Arthur G. Nevid, managing director, Mountain Funding LLC

Commercial | November 2003 
Phantom Leases
Traditionally, closely held businesses that also own and occupy their real estate properties are dealt with as one entity: the owner of the business, often a sole proprietorship, is usually the same i...
By Brian Opert, chief executive, Sterling Commercial Capital LLC

Commercial | October 2003 
Chicago Banks Warm to California Condos
With the exception of October’s highly contested gubernatorial recall (and the budget bust which preceded it), California’s ongoing housing crisis may be the state’s number one news story for 2003.   ...
By Lee Pollock, Executive Vice President, Builders Bank

Commercial | September 2003 
Property Management in Today’s Marketplace
In today’s highly competitive and stagnant real estate market, property managers have become increasingly important, playing a value-added role, enabling landlords to maintain a competitive edge in th...
By Robin Blair, RPA, Senior Property Manager, Trammell Crow Company

Commercial | July 2003 
Financing Affordable Multi-Unit Projects
Financing and developing afford-able housing is a complcated and challenging task. Many of today’s most creative solutions to local affordable housing challenges arise from innovative collaborations f...
By Christine Rombouts, associate, Carlsson Public Relations

Commercial | February 2004 
Turning a Multifamily Asset into a Jewel
Even though the much-anticipated economic recovery has yet to be seen and the housing boom has not decreased, multifamily real estate, as a property type, is one of the most secure investment properti...
By Paul Daneshrad, CEO, StarPoint Asset Solutions

Commercial | November 2005 
Debunk the Bubble
Is the real estate bubble about to burst? It’s a question on the minds of many novice real estate investors — and they are turning to their mortgage brokers for answers. With so much speculation abo...
By Michelle Edwards, assistant vice president of mortgage originations, Technology Credit Union; and Courtney E. Cox, assistant vice president of marketing, Technology Credit Union

Commercial | October 2005 
Welcome to the Neighborhood
A few years ago, low rates, flexible products and favorable market conditions made it a great time to be a broker. Now that the phone isn’t ringing off the hook like before, many brokers are looking...
By Michelle Edwards, assistant vice president of mortgage originations, Technology Credit Union


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