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Articles about Multifamily


Residential | July 2007 
Condo Quirks to Know
To some brokers, condominium lending may seem easy. Many think it’s just like lending on a single-family residence — a couple of adjustments to pricing from the rate sheet, and you have a slam-dunk ...
By P. Morgan Brown, chief operating officer, New Day Trust Mortgage

Residential | February 2007 
Q&A: Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac
As single-family-mortgage volume declined in the past year, many residential mortgage brokers took on commercial and multifamily financing. In fact, as Freddie Mac chief economist Frank Nothaft poin...
By Ivanna C. Sukkar, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Residential | February 2007 
Multifamily: It Feels Like Home
Multifamily is one of the most-common small-commercial-property types, especially for residential mortgage brokers getting into the commercial side of the business. After all, multifamily propertie...
By Michael Boggiano, national sales manager, Silver Hill Funding

Residential | February 2007 
Explore the Land of Multifamily
Residential mortgage brokers increasingly are making their way to commercial real estate finance, and many are finding that multifamily-property lending often is a good place to start. ...
By Vernon Morrison, president, Lighthouse Commercial Mortgage

Commercial | December 2008 
Tight Times for Multifamily Market
Predicting the direction of  the multifamily market presents a daunting task. Market and submarket differences exist between states, counties and cities, all of which include individualized dynamic...
By Ace Baker, commercial loan consultant, WaMu

Commercial | November 2008 
From the Editor
Prior to the past two months' bank failures, bailout plans and Katie Couric interviews, the news of the day was the government's reining-in of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As we dig out — ...
By Tony Stasiek, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | November 2008 
The Immunity of Multifamily
For lenders, investors and brokers, the multifamily market is one relatively bright spot in real estate today. Despite the malaise that seems to be covering real estate lending in its entirety, mult...
By Richard Zahm, director, Covendium

Commercial | November 2008 
What to Bring to Your Multifamily Lender
The good news: You've found a lender for your clients' multifamily purchase or refinance. The bad news: The lender is asking for more information than you anticipated. But ther...
By Cheryl Higley, national director, RBC Streamline

Commercial | October 2008 
Refocusing on the Riffraff
When you used to ask people what’s lacking from capital markets, typically you would hear answers centered on assorted, specific out-of-favor asset types. Today, however, developers, brokers and bor...
By John Kutac, senior business-development officer, Western Capital Partners LLC

Commercial | September 2008 
Property Types
For brokers, the multifamily sector is fraught with questions. Did these properties transact at inflated prices in recent years? Or were they insulated from the froth that characterized single-famil...
By Victor Calanog, chief economist and senior vice president for research, Reis Inc.

Commercial | August 2008 
From the Editor
This summer’s flooding in the Midwest has reawakened memories of — and curiosity surrounding —hurricanes Katrina and Rita and their havoc on the Southeast. Three years ago this month, New...
By Tony Stasiek, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | August 2008 
Small-Balance-Multifamily Sector Prevails
Despite all the bad news about the residential real estate market, the small-balance commercial lending sector for multifamily and income-producing properties remains strong. Significant opportuniti...
By Leonard Manriquez, director and founder, ALB Commercial Capital

Commercial | August 2008 
FHA: Not Merely the Last Resort
If your borrowers are having trouble securing high-leverage, nonrecourse debt -- loans in which the lender cannot claim more than the collateral as repayment in the event of loan default -- it might...
By Scott A. Graber, business developer, AmeriSphere

Commercial | July 2008 
Q&A: Dante Alexander, National Association of Condo Hotel Owners
Condominium-hotel hybrids include units that double as hotel rooms when their owners leave — a setup that N.A.C.H.O. President and CEO Dante Alexander calls "the most advantaged model for ownership"...
By Darrick Meneken, associate editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | July 2008 
Special-Use Requires Special Skills
The most-prevalent commercial property types -- multifamily, office, retail and industrial -- often are the easiest to finance. In fact, most commercial banks have streamlined programs to fit these ...
By Craig Grella, founder,


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