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Articles about Private-Money Loans


Commercial | May 2019 
Escape the Wild West
Key Points Common scams in rental-property transactions ...
By Erica LaCentra, director of marketing, RCN Capital

Commercial | May 2019 
Lenders May Change Their Minds
Definition Capital stack ...
By Eric Thomas, managing director of revenue and business development, Stronghill Capital

Commercial | February 2019 
Nonbank Financing Can Get the Deal Done
Often, some of the best opportunities in real estate investment do not fit into the box of “acceptable” for many conventional lenders. These lenders typically prefer to follow well-wo...
By Will Nelson, Columbia Pacific Advisors

Commercial | January 2019 
Navigate the Foreign-Investment Market
Imagine you have a client with 12 acres of highly sought-after waterfront property in Barbados who wants to develop a residential high-rise building. Or maybe you have a client with an opportunity to ...
By Edwin Urrego, executive loan officer, Kennedy Funding Financial

Commercial | January 2019 
Step Into the Light
One of the biggest success stories in the real estate and mortgage industries since the  financial crisis is the rise of nonbank lenders all over the country. Sometimes called private-money lenders or...
By Jan B. Brzeski, managing director and chief investment officer, Arixa Capital Advisors LLC and Crosswind Financial

Commercial | December 2018 
Create Value for Construction Financing
Commercial construction projects are at or near all-time highs in terms of dollar volume. Across the United States, new developments are cropping up at breakneck speeds. Today, the downtown areas of m...
By Paul Rahimian, CEO, Parkview Financial

Commercial | June 2018 
Find the Pulse of Medical Properties
The medical office building (MOB) market has grown exponentially in recent years, creating an unprecedented opportunity for real estate investors, medical practitioners and commercial mortgage brokers...
By Edwin Urrego, executive loan officer, Kennedy Funding Financial

Commercial | June 2018 
Alternative Lenders Can Be Your Secret to Success
The compliance costs associated with the Dodd-Frank Act, the Patriot Act, the Federal Reserve’s Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review and other regulatory constraints are high. Those costs, combin...
By Creighton C. Bildstein, principal, PlattPointe Capital

Commercial | April 2018 
Not All Hotel Lending Is Created Equal
Help-wanted pleas can apply to many things after a hurricane or other natural disaster ravages a city. That includes “help wanted” in the form of financing assistance for hotels seeking to c...
By Brian A. Lee, freelance writer

Commercial | January 2018 
Cater to Your Connections
As we enter 2018, it’s inevitable that commercial mortgage brokers are focusing on ways to make the most of their business in the new year. Many brokers have realized that diversifying the loan progra...
By Jeffrey Tesch, managing director, RCN Capital LLC

Residential | January 2018 
Hard Facts about Hard Money
What is hard money? Mortgage originators often get this question from prospective clients when discussing potential financing options for the purchase of a property. The hard money industry’s ro...
By Houtan Hormozian, vice president, Crestico Inc.

Residential | January 2018 
Always Search for the Best Option
Real estate investors have more options for financing than ever before. Although most fix-and-flippers use cash to purchase and renovate their investment properties, many use conventional mortgages an...
By Robert Greenberg, chief marketing officer, Patch of Land

Commercial | December 2017 
Choosing the Path to Construction Financing
As we approach the end of 2017, one thing is clear. It has been a solid year for new construction, with total activity over the past 12 months outpacing the previous high-water mark set in 2006, accor...
By Michael Persall, founder and managing member, ABP Capital

Commercial | October 2017 
Direct Lenders Are Land-Deal Friendly
Traditional lenders, such as banks, typically consider land loans too risky to fund. Most look only at the tax returns, financial statements and creditworthiness of the borrower as well as the current...
By Mark Falzone, senior loan officer, Kennedy Funding Financial

Commercial | September 2017 
Fill the Gap in Industrial Development
Chatter within the commercial real estate industry suggests we have reached, if not surpassed, the crest of the current market cycle, but the industrial sector is stronger than ever. According...
By Matthew Doerr, vice president, Buchanan Street Partners


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