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Articles about Private-Money Loans


Residential | October 2006 
Private Money’s Other Side
Private money, or hard money, is an effective lending tool for mortgage brokers and borrowers. Both can be confused, however, when they work outside of the institutional lending space. By...
By Richard Zahm, director, Covendium

Residential | March 2006 
Looking Past the Traditional Route
Last year’s peak in housing sales is starting to cool. We also have seen a dramatic decrease in refinance transactions, overleveraged borrowers, an unstable economy, and an increase in bankruptcy f...
By Brent Houston, chief executive officer, ALTRA Mortgage Capital LLC

Commercial | May 2007 
The Hedge Funds of the Mortgage Industry
The biggest reason for not following through on a fundable loan is inaccurate placement. Brokers cannot connect a particular scenario with an appropriate lender. But there are private le...
By Richard Zahm, director, Covendium

Commercial | May 2007 
An Education in School Funding
Some of us might be driving past excellent potential clients daily. What is this untapped opportunity you could be overlooking? Privately funded and charter schools in your area. Private ...
By Christopher Farrell, co-owner, Sanctuary Lending; and Chris Sanders, co-owner, Sanctuary Lending

Commercial | March 2007 
Move Past Your Private-Money Misconceptions
Brokering commercial loans through private-money lenders can bring exceptional commissions, especially with trailing-commission programs that some lenders offer. On top of getting high points, it’s ...
By Richard Zahm, director, Covendium

Residential | November 2007 
Investor Clients and the Need for Speed
Real estate investors can be can be mortgage brokers’ dream clients. These investors make frequent residential purchases and may call on brokers for their services several times a year. But to take ...
By Alan Brymer, president, Utah Valley Real Estate Investors’ Association

Residential | October 2007 
Private Money After the Meltdown
The meltdown of the nonprime and Alt-A markets, and consequent disappearance of loan products and the wholesale lenders who created them, has caused considerable consternation within the industry. F...
By Richard Zahm, director, Covendium

Residential | September 2007 
A Hybrid Approach to Hard Money
The days of 100-percent, stated-income/stated-asset, 600-credit-score loans are behind us. After the nonprime fallout, it is once again important that borrowers actually qualify for credit and have ...
By Brent Houston, chief executive officer, ALTRA Mortgage Capital LLC

Commercial | January 2015 
Private Money Saves the Day
For commercial real estate and mortgage markets, the past decade and a half has been defined by extreme instability, with borrowers and lenders alike bracing for abrupt swings from game-changing highs...
By Odell Murry, president, MAI Financial Services Inc.

Residential | January 2015 
Opportunities Abound in the Distressed Market
The distressed single-family marketplace is still rich with opportunities for lenders and investors alike. Investors using a purchase, renovation and resale strategy are reaping yields and improving c...
By Trixy Weiss, founder, Genesis

Residential | January 2015 
Hard Money Lends a Hand
You have a great lead. Everything looks good and the deal is set to close, but at the last minute the bank says “no.” With today’s underwriting standards, banks are forced to turn down many transactio...
By Glen Weinberg, chief operating officer, Fairview Commercial Lending

Residential | February 2007 
5 Mistakes to Avoid
Some mortgage brokers work with private-mortgage investors to fund their clients’ deals. Private mortgage investors often are private individuals who lend their own money to others and who secure th...
By Paul Wells, president, Success Mortgage and Financial Services Co.

Commercial | September 2008 
Finding Capital Through Private Lending
With the growing scarcity of institutional funds, finding the best financing option for hard-to-place commercial loans is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, hard-money loans f...
By Thomas OBryon, CEO, Wilshire Finance Partners

Commercial | July 2008 
Take Sanctuary in the Church-Lending Market
Developing the network and knowledge to help churches obtain mortgage financing could be an ideal niche to grow your business and your profits, even in today’s challenging credit environment. ...
By Rob Purnell, president and founder, Shepherd Capital Partners Inc.

Commercial | June 2008 
The Secret to Private Money: Details
It’s a common saying that it’s the little things that count. This certainly holds true for real estate lending. Although many mortgage professionals are familiar with the consequences of...
By John Falkner, credit analyst, Western Capital Partners LLC


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