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Articles about Private-Money Loans


Residential | April 2008 
A Private Avenue
Today’s sluggish economy brings an ironic twist to real estate financing. Despite relatively low interest rates and an abundance of foreclosures on the market, homebuyers are experiencing difficulty...
By Darel Daik, CEO, Noble Mortgage and Investments

Commercial | February 2008 
How Private Equity Fits Your Deals
With credit markets tightening, many developers and investors are being forced to the sidelines as the big banks run for cover. In this environment, private equity provides a way to turn deals aroun...
By Justin Miller, branch manager, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc

Commercial | January 2008 
A Private Matter
The nonprime-market melt- down has had a trickle-down effect on commercial lending. Although institutional funds are still available, they are becoming scarce, and their cost is steadily rising. Thi...
By John Arno, principal, Park Hill Lending

Commercial | August 2009 
Private Answers to Industry Woes
The disappearance of liquidity in the credit market has drastically affected the way mortgage brokers do business. Many have gone out of business; the rest are struggling to stay afloat in an economy ...
By Timi Pereira, president, GoldenOmega

Commercial | July 2009 
Where to Turn for Private-Money Clients
There are a few key elements to successful private-money (aka, hard-money) transactions. First, borrowers must have enough motivation. In addition, borrowers must see great value from the loan. If the...
By John Odegard, president and founder, Seattle Funding Group

Residential | May 2009 
Diving into Loan Pools
Traditionally, funding private-money loans and investing in mortgages or trust deeds were financial dealings reserved for a select group of people who understood the intricacies of these transaction...
By Timi Pereira, president, GoldenOmega

Residential | November 2014 
High-Cost vs. Higher-Priced Mortgages
 The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has private lenders running scared, with many private-money organizations having ceased originating loans on personal...
By David A. Roth, president and broker, Access G T Mortgage Inc.

Commercial | August 2014 
Mind the Details With Private-Money Loans
Over the past few years, private —  or hard-money — lending has seen a significant increase in loan requests and volume. The 2008 market crash forced banks and lenders to constrict credit and increa...
By Brian Murphy, senior vice president of sales, Wilshire Finance Partners

Commercial | August 2014 
Say “Land Ho!” with Private Capital
Financing land acquisition and development is as difficult today as it has ever been. Private-capital funds and hard-money lenders, once active and aggressive in the land-financing space, are findin...
By Doug Esteves, senior vice president, INCA Capital

Commercial | February 2009 
Finding Private-Equity Answers
In today's tight credit market, most conventional mortgage lenders -- such as commercial banks and insurance companies -- are falling back on time-tested, conservative underwriting methods. This inc...
By Craig Grella, founder,

Residential | July 2014 
Call It a Comeback
As has been widely reported by the Mortgage Bankers Association, mortgage applications took quite a hit this past first quarter. At one point this past February, purchase applications fell to their lo...
By Michael Mekler, mortgage adviser, Samuel Scott Financial Group

Residential | July 2014 
Is Private Capital Returning to the Market?
About six years ago, the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) were placed into conservatorship, making their future uncertain, to say the least. Building on the Corker-Warner Housing Finance Refo...
By Lisa M. Weaver, senior vice president of mortgage solutions, ISGN

Residential | May 2014 
Jumbo Takes the Spotlight
If you believe the statistics, originators are in for a rough year. Refinances have dropped all over the country, and many mortgage brokers and bankers are scrambling to accelerate their purchase bu...
By Ruth Lee, executive vice president, Titan Capital Solutions

Residential | May 2014 
Making Hard Money Work for Investors
Private lenders, frequently known as hard-money lenders, have become a prominent funding source for many non-owner-occupied residential real estate purchases and rehabilitations. At the same time, t...
By Paul Ullman, co-managing partner, Asset Based Lending LLC

Commercial | May 2014 
Hard Money and the Secondary Market
One of the fundamental principles of lending is that a loan’s terms are directly related to the security put up by the borrower, which guarantees that the lender’s investment will be returned. Mortg...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments


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