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Commercial | November 2013 
The Unsung Value of Energy Retrofits
Owning and managing a commercial real estate property doesn’t come easy. The profitability of any commercial property is not only tied to its occupancy and rent collection, but also to the costs assoc...
By Adam Luysterborghs, managing principal, Avant Capital Partners LLC; and Nabeel Saleh, summer associate, Avant Capital Partners LLC

Commercial | November 2013 
Find Hidden Treasures in Natural Resources
With recovery in the commercial real estate market taking hold, competition is increasing among commercial mortgage brokers for good, fundable projects. Like lenders, brokers are becoming much more pa...
By Milton Franklin, founder and president, Commercial Mortgage Exchange Inc.

Commercial | November 2013 
Be Ready to Sail When Rates Are Raised
After years of speculation about the Federal Reserve’s quantitative-easing policies, players in the commercial real estate market are apprehensive. The Fed’s policy of purchasing large amounts of Trea...
By Odell Murry, president, MAI Financial Services Inc.

Commercial | November 2013 
A Road Trip to Hotel Recovery
Since the credit crisis, the travel and hospitality industry has taken a nosedive as a result of many factors that led to decreased leisure and business travel. From high gasoline and airplane costs t...
By Rick Tobin, real estate financier, First Financial Bancorp

Commercial | August 2013 
Making Sense of SNDA
Commercial mortgage brokers who keep themselves knowledgeable of the various parts and processes of their deals often are better positioned to serve clients and cultivate new business. This knowl...
By Suzanne Hollander, The People's Professor, Professor Real Estate LLC

Commercial | August 2013 
Multifamily Goes Green
As the multifamily market continues to lead the commercial real estate recovery, more properties are being built to meet demand. With significant amounts of new construction coming online, green bui...
By Colin Edelstein, director, NorSouth Constructs

Commercial | September 2013 
Operation Sale-Leaseback
The sale-leaseback market recently has become more skewed in sellers’ favor. Low capitalization rates coupled with tight supply has lured investors and led to fierce competition over quality propert...
By James S. Wood Jr., broker and adviser, Calkain Cos.

Residential | August 2013 
Is Student Debt Bogging Down the Housing Market?
Smaller homes, townhomes and condominiums used to be the entrance into homeownership for many first-time homebuyers, but purchasing these properties has become more of a challenge for some young peopl...
By Malcolm B. Hollensteiner, regional director, George Mason Mortgage LLC

Commercial | June 2013 
Stretching the Limits of Hotel Financing
The hotel industry was one of the hardest hit markets in the aftermath of the financial crisis. With significant drops in occupancy rates and revenues, many hotels fell behind on loan payments and end...
By Jake Olsman, associate, Bloomfield Capital

Residential | July 2013 
Homebuying Is Going Global
The United States has long been known for providing opportunities to people around the world. For many immigrants, buying a home here is a consummate demonstration of security and success. Today, the ...
By David Stein, co-founder, senior vice president and general counsel, Residential Finance Corp.

Residential | June 2013 
Rebounding and Rebuilding After Disaster Strikes
This past October, Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard and affected more than a dozen states from Florida to Maine. New Jersey and New York were hit the hardest, causing flooding in the streets, ...
By Bill Ashmore, president and chief operating officer, Impac Mortgage

Commercial | December 2010 
Catch Business with Triple-Net Leases
Despite the economic downturn and the fact that many aspects of the commercial real estate industry still need time to season before true recovery takes place, some niche segments of the market are ac...
By David Sobelman, executive vice president, Calkain Cos

Commercial | December 2010 
Working with Property Managers: 5 Benefits
Property-management companies are  often viewed as a commodity that is only necessary after the loan is closed. There are some hidden benefits a property-management company can provide to mortgag...
By Dan Haefner, executive director of multifamily management, Drucker & Falk

Commercial | December 2010 
New Opportunities in SBA Lending
The Small Business Jobs Act, signed into law this past September, was a somewhat controversial bill primarily because it created the $30 billion Small Business Lending Fund for community banks — which...
By Jordan Blanchard, founder, Secondary Market Access

Commercial | October 2010 
The New Wave of CMBS
Beginning with a few simple-structure securitizations issued in late 2009 and continuing with five more since the beginning of this year, as of press time, a new wave of commercial mortgage-backed sec...
By Paul O’Rear, executive vice president of credit/risk management, Bridger Commercial Funding


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