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Articles about Property Types


Commercial | June 2010 
Get Real About Tax Assessments
Imagine this scenario: two hotels in the same city are of similar age, size and construction quality. Both are located in popular areas with convenient access to sites attractive to overnight traveler...
By Stephen H. Paul, partner, Baker & Daniels LLP

Commercial | June 2010 
Stay Close to the Capstone
The good news for commercial mortgage brokers is there are a lot of deals out there. Business-owners are buying properties, investors are refinancing, tenants are moving, and lenders are providing att...
By Fred Hollister, senior vice president, director of commercial lending, Global Fundings Inc.

Commercial | May 2010 
3 Keys to a Hole in One
Like many specialized asset classes, the market for golf course properties seems poised for an additional shake-up. Mortgage brokers must be prepared to navigate the next 12 to 18 months to help their...
By Jerry Sager, senior managing director, First National

Commercial | February 2010 
Get to Know PCAs
When helping clients seek a loan for a commercial property, mortgage brokers are in a prime position to sort through and explain the various due-diligence requirements. For commercial loans, engineeri...
By Rick Richter, principal, Partner Engineering and Science Inc

Commercial | February 2010 
Fixed Rates: Friend or Foe?
With commercial mortgage-backed securities transactions picking back up in recent months, historically low long-term Treasury rates and declining spreads for commercial real estate loans, the opportun...
By Todd Sears, chief financial officer, Herman & Kittle Properties Inc

Residential | November 2010 
FHA Loans Offer Opportunity and Challenges
With their government-backed insurance guarantee, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans are one of the only options left for many borrowers because of heightened credit requirements for conventio...
By Christopher L. Gardner, founder and president, FHA Pros LLC

Residential | June 2010 
What to Do When Meth Enters the Equation
Investing in distressed properties can be lucrative. But mortgage brokers who work with clients considering these purchases should be aware of the risks and remedies, especially those associated with ...
By Joseph K. Mazzuca, CEO, Meth Lab Cleanup Co

Commercial | November 2011 
Tee Up with Special-Use Lenders
When brokering a mortgage for a special-use property, such as a golf course, hotel or resort development, it is imperative for commercial brokers to manage their clients’ expectations by presenting a ...
By Jerry Sager, senior managing director, First National

Commercial | November 2011 
Cross the Bridge to Funding Success
From 1999 through 2007, commercial mortgage brokers were seemingly at the top of their game. Many brokers made an impressive amount of money -- more than they ever had before. When the bottom fell out...
By Stephan Kachani, vice president of sales and marketing, Lone Oak Fund

Commercial | November 2011 
10 Lease Issues that Can Kill a Deal
Income-producing real estate is only as valuable as the cash flows generated from leases. As a result, sales or refinancing transactions that seem attractive on their face may quickly unravel if there...
By Marc Fitapelli, founder and managing partner, Fitapelli Law

Commercial | November 2011 
SBA Taps the Self-Storage Market
By now, most commercial morgage  brokers probably know that self-storage facilities are eligible for some U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs. This change was made in September 2010...
By Joe Cacciapaglia, director of investments, Llenrock Realty Partners

Commercial | July 2011 
Have Faith in Church Lending
In today’s commercial real estate market, recovery still seems like a distant promise. Although commercial real estate loan originations increased 36 percent in 2010 from ’09, there is still $1.4 tril...
By Edward Willis Sr., director of finance, BIG SKY Enterprises

Commercial | June 2011 
Getting to Know Insurance
In today’s economy, investors are looking harder for deeply discounted bargains. One opportunity presenting itself is commercial property. Whether they seek a single structure, shopping center, apartm...
By Marc A. Cisneros Jr., CEO and co-owner, CS Innovative Insurance Solutions

Commercial | May 2011 
Are Your Clients Getting What They Bargained For?
Opportunity and risk abound in  today’s distressed-asset marketplace. As these assets become available, property investors often make decisions quickly and with limited due diligence. Although ma...
By Holly Neber, president, AEI Consultants

Commercial | February 2011 
Hard Money’s Not What It Used to Be
As commercial mortgage brokers know, gone are the golden days of easy underwriting and fast credit. Many hard-money lenders are no longer in business, and most of those that remain have substantially ...
By Glen Weinberg, chief operating officer, Fairview Commercial Lending


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