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Articles about Property Types


Commercial | February 2011 
Find Big Business in Self-Storage
Commercial mortgage brokers in search of more-glamorous types of real estate often overlook originating loans for self-storage as an investment property. This asset offers unrivaled opportunities for ...
By H. Michael Schwartz, CEO and chairman of the board, Strategic Storage Trust Inc; and R. Christian Sonne, senior managing director, Cushman & Wakefield

Commercial | January 2011 
6 Keys to Hotel Financing
Although every deal has its own  set of issues, finding financing for hotels, motels and other lodging properties can be a little more challenging than for other property types. With lodging, the p...
By K. Spencer, managing partner, Spencer Acquisitions LLC

Residential | August 2011 
Why Generation Y Matters
Sustainability in business involves more than environmental sensibility. It also requires predicting developing trends accurately and positioning your business ahead of wide-scale market developments....
By Thomas L. Testa, CEO and co-founder, Testa Capital Group

Residential | August 2011 
How to Tap the Vacation-Home Marketplace
After a decade of the most spectacular expansion and contraction in the history of the real estate market, there is no better time to examine new business opportunities. Rarely, if ever, has the clima...
By James Johnson, founder and CEO,

Residential | August 2011 
The Case for Sustainability Grows Stronger
Today’s homebuyers want value. As mortgage professionals adjust to buyers’ shifting demands — and to the changing marketplace — they should seek new ways to establish business dominance. Moving forwar...
By Susan Frost, president and broker, Alliance Mortgage and Marketing

Residential | June 2011 
In-Law Units Offer a Niche Opportunity
A big shift in the type of properties you fund may be headed your way, if it hasn’t arrived already. Across the nation, real estate agents report a surge in prospective homeowners looking for properti...
By Michael W. Litchfield, founding editor, Fine Homebuilding

Residential | February 2011 
Fill the Distressed-Property Niche
Although economic uncertainty is approaching its fourth consecutive spring, opportunities exist that can help mortgage brokers and their clients get past the doom-and-gloom mentality they may have abo...
By Denia Graham, chief operating officer, TenantAccess

Commercial | December 2012 
Check Lender Reservations on Hotel Deals
Funding is returning slowly for  hotel properties, as many lenders have learned the hard way that hotels can be tricky collateral. Commercial mortgage brokers can expect these lenders to be more ...
By Lorelei A. Schumacher, partner, Bilzin Sumberg’s Real Estate Group

Commercial | August 2012 
Find Your Deals on Wheels
Since the 2008 economic downturn,  the housing market has seen significant changes to its makeup. One of these changes has been the number of homeowners who traded in overpriced, upside-down, sti...
By Anita Huedepohl, founder and CEO, Liberty Funding

Commercial | July 2012 
A New Lease Breathes Life
A commercial property’s cash flow and value can decline through a lease term not only because of the market’s volatility, but also as a result of a poorly negotiated lease. This, in turn, can make it ...
By Richard Muhlebach, principal, Richard Muhlebach LLC

Commercial | July 2012 
A Hotel Feasibility Check
The underwriting of hotel projects is critical to determining whether a lender will proceed with the financing process or shelve the loan request altogether. With that in mind, commercial mortgage bro...
By Jay Litt, president, The Litt Group

Commercial | July 2012 
Where’s the Door?
Commercial mortgage brokers and loan originators focus on helping clients purchase and refinance income property. An often-neglected, yet important, part of their role as advisers should be to help cl...
By Fred Hollister, senior vice president, director of commercial lending, Global Fundings Inc.

Commercial | June 2012 
Keeping Tabs on Property Values
The recent financial crisis brought to the fore how important it is for commercial mortgage brokers to stay on top of the factors that can impact current and future property values. These factors incl...
By Carl Streck, principal and co-founder, MountainSeed Appraisal Management

Commercial | June 2012 
Pack It Up
Self-storage projects are an underserved, yet lucrative, niche in today’s commercial real estate mortgage market. In the past few years, this segment has been well-poised to take advantage of the shif...
By Anita Huedepohl, founder and CEO, Liberty Funding

Commercial | April 2012 
Making the Right Mix
Commercial mortgage brokers who work with developers must understand the difference between how city planners look at the benefits of introducing ground-floor retail space and how lenders view it as a...
By Richard Muhlebach, principal, Richard Muhlebach LLC


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