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Articles about Recruitment


Residential | December 2017 
The Future Belongs to You
Technology is changing the world we live in. The mortgage process has rapidly evolved, becoming more modernized with the times, and with every change comes a new way of doing business for both mortgag...
By Rick Arvielo, CEO, New American Funding

Residential | October 2017 
Building Brand Equity Through Culture
There is a reason Don Draper, the advertising executive on cable TV’s Mad Men, spent his career chasing Coca-Cola. It is because the name embodies more than just a refreshing beverage. Coke exudes a m...
By Paul Lucido, national marketing director, PRMG

Residential | October 2017 
Are You on the Right Path?
Recruiting within the mortgage industry is staring down a future with two possible paths. One path has stagnant loan officer positions left open in favor of positions in other, more modern professions...
By Dustin Sheppard, CEO, Special Agent X

Residential | August 2017 
Become a Mega-Producer
Out hustling the competition is an obvious ingredient of being a successful mortgage originator, but to be a mega-producer — and stay a mega-producer — you have to do more than just work hard. You hav...
By Shant Banosian, branch manager/senior vice president, Guaranteed Rate

Residential | May 2017 
Wooing Talent Requires Strategy
To fuel growth and market advantage, you need the right people onboard at your company. In many ways, this has become one of the key dimensions of competition in the mortgage industry today. ...
By John Paasonen, CEO and founder, Maxwell

Residential | April 2017 
Find Your Place in the Field
If you are recruiting loan originators in the mortgage industry, then you are looking at a lot of resumes and LinkedIn profiles. These profiles are meant to tell an applicant’s unique story, but...
By Amy Tierce, vice president of sales and marketing, Mortgage Equity Partners

Residential | April 2017 
Grow Your Business From the Inside Out
If there was a magic formula that allowed you to grow your business to meet your objectives, life would be so much easier. The reality, of course, is that growing a mortgage business takes consistent ...
By Amy Slotnick, branch manager, Fairway Independent Mortage Corp.

Residential | March 2017 
Simplify the Recruiting Challenge
A successful branch manager in the mortgage-origination business needs the suave, out-going and persuasive personality of a salesperson and the poise, self-motivation and integrity of a...
By Kevin Allen, senior vice president — national sales manager, Waterstone Mortgage Corp.

Residential | December 2016 
Building a Career Requires Perseverance
As a mortgage loan originator, you likely have had a recruiter or competing company contact you in the hopes of discussing what they can offer to lure you to a new job. When you’re in a rut,...
By Michael DiMaggio, branch manager, Stearns Lending LLC

Residential | September 2016 
Millennials Are Changing Employee Onboarding
When it comes to work culture, millennials — individuals in their 20s and early 30s — march to their own generational beat. They are accustomed to being constantly connected and used to immediate feed...
By Ginger Bell, Business development and training, Go2Training

Residential | September 2016 
Rebuilding the Mortgage Industry With Millennials
The Great Recession left a long-lasting mark on the face of the mortgage industry. Between experienced professionals who headed for the exits during the housing meltdown and years when no new talent e...
By Darius Mirshahzadeh, CEO, The Money Source

Residential | August 2016 
Effective Recruiting Is Smart Business
With the average age of a loan originator now exceeding 50 years old, a hot topic in the mortgage profession today is the lack of young professionals entering the industry. Mortgage companies ...
By Mike Anderson, senior manager of personal and professional development, Academy Mortgage Corp.

Residential | August 2016 
Thriving Workplace Cultures Are Built on Engagement
The common misconception in the human resources is that there is a guidebook to guarantee happy employees. In reality, the secret to employee engagement varies from company to company, even in the mor...
By Betty Lonis, senior vice president of human resources, Stonegate Mortgage

Residential | August 2016 
Research and Plan to Get Past Voicemail
Everyone wants actively employed candidates with a book of business they can bring with them. How do you recruit people when they are too busy to even take your call? How do you differentiate yourself...
By Jeff Jensen, past president, Washington Mortgage Bankers Association

Residential | May 2016 
Top Performers Make Smart Job Choices
There are many factors that contribute to a company’s well-being in the mortgage business, but none is more important than its people. Putting in place a top-notch recruiting program is...
By Amy Tierce, vice president of sales and marketing, Mortgage Equity Partners


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