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Articles about Recruitment


Residential | December 2012 
Use Technology to Grow Realtor Referrals
Being tech-savvy in today’s mortgage industry can make a big difference when it comes to building referral relationships with real estate agents. Although many mortgage banks and brokerages may not be...
By Scott Schang, branch manager, Broadview Mortgage

Commercial | January 2010 
REOs Are a Group Effort
In the past few years, many mortgage lenders have found themselves in the uncomfortable position of being property-owners. Some simply chose to dispose of their real estate assets as quickly as possib...
By Jason Perrin, principal and co-founder, Greencrossing Real Estate Companies LLC

Residential | October 2010 
Don't Need No Education? Think Again
For many mortgage brokers, staying up-to-date with education requirements has become a necessary daily task. But keeping track of new requirements also can slow business growth. As you look to me...
By Linda Williams, CEO and trainer, Mortgage Trainers of North America

Residential | October 2010 
3 Ways to Minimize Risk
Regulatory changes and quarterly fraud losses totaling in the billions of dollars can leave even the most-seasoned mortgage brokers scratching their heads. Also, many lenders say minimum loan deliveri...
By Cindi Dixon, CEO, Mela Capital Group

Residential | May 2010 
Remember the Basics When Choosing a Lender Partner
By some estimates, the wholesale-lending market has lost hundreds of lenders since 2007. Mortgage brokers who focus on the basics of the lending business -- and who carry out those tenets well -- can ...
By Charles Wagner, senior vice president and co-leader, CBC National Bank's wholesale-mortgage division

Commercial | September 2011 
Know the Value of Experience
Hotels are arguably the most  complicated piece of commercial real estate to operate because of the nature of the business. Working with hotel and lodging deals can be just as complex. Daily oper...
By David Smith Ruger, manager of development, Aimbridge Hospitality

Commercial | July 2011 
5 Things Lenders Look For in a Borrower
Brokers and borrowers alike often  view lenders as faceless institutions obligated to loan money to anybody, no matter how risky the transaction. As anyone who has tried to procure a commercial m...
By Michael Reinhard, owner-broker, Texas Commercial Mortgage

Commercial | April 2011 
Go Ahead — Call It a Comeback
It has been said that the lending and finance markets must wake from hibernation before commercial real estate recovery will happen. Well, the markets are stirring. Commercial real estate financing...
By Scott T. Pickett, president, PSB Realty Advisors

Commercial | April 2011 
Making Mergers and Acquisitions Work
The economic crisis has triggered a  series of mergers and acquisitions that have transformed the financial-services landscape dramatically. Moreover, mergers and acquisitions are expected to inc...
By Tami Hernandez, president, Venturis

Commercial | February 2011 
8 Ways to Gauge a Lender
In today’s economic climate, there  is no longer a full array of funding solutions for all types of borrowers, credit, collateral types, etc. If the deal does not fit into traditional bank or gov...
By Brian O’Shaughnessy, CEO, Athas Capital Group

Commercial | February 2011 
How Well Do You Know Hard Money?
These days, pushing a loan through underwriting at a commercial bank can be an exercise in futility. Commercial mortgage brokers have all had experiences submitting documents, getting preapprovals, ha...
By Craig Grella, founder,

Residential | October 2011 
The Time for Marketing Your Business Is Now
The recession is over! The recession never ended! A new recession is coming! Depending on where you look or who you listen to, today’s economic messages run the gamut from uplifting to discou...
By Amy Hansen, director of client service and public relations, Seroka

Residential | June 2011 
Balancing Branch Opportunities
Branch opportunities abound. Mortgage brokers considering their options must know how to assess the choices available. Making an informed decision requires knowing your needs and confirming everything...
By Mark Buskuhl, chief operating officer, Southwest Funding LP

Residential | April 2011 
Help Wanted: Real Estate Experience Preferred
Mortgage brokers and loan originators have been a dying breed these past few years. From 2006 through 2010, the number of mortgage brokerages fell from 53,000 to about 12,000, according to Access Mort...
By Drew Kessler, managing director, KMG Mortgage Consulting

Residential | March 2011 
Before Jumping Ship, Evaluate Your Options
In the mortgage business, a company’s growth tends to occur when a firm recruits production teams and leadership from its competitors. Individual producers and teams of professionals build books of bu...
By Steve Rennie, managing partner, Hammerhouse LLC


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