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Articles about Recruitment


Commercial | November 2012 
The Summary of All Deals
Perhaps the most significant factor  that differentiates successful commercial mortgage brokers from their competition is their ability to draft effective executive summaries of their deals. The ...
By Igor Zhizhin, president, American Street Capital LLC

Commercial | October 2012 
With a Little Help from a Colleague
Commercial mortgage brokers —  and, in some cases, residential mortgage originators trying to place commercial loans — may find themselves in need of help from other brokers. These opportunities ...
By Ryan M. Gray, commercial mortgage banker, Barry Slatt Mortgage

Commercial | September 2012 
5 Steps to Better Multifamily Returns
The multifamily sector has been the shining star in the commercial real estate market in the nascent recovery from the recent recession. With low vacancy rates and strengthening rental rates almost na...
By Nick Alicastro, vice president of business development, Western National Property Management

Residential | July 2012 
Building Your Branch
There are many qualities that can help branch managers find success in the mortgage industry, but nearly all efficient managers have one thing in common: They have a plan in place for consistent recru...
By Eric Tishaw, chief balloon inflator, Direct Path Coaching

Residential | June 2012 
8 Ways to Train for Better Business
The strength of a mortgage brokerage or bank ultimately depends on the collective strength of its individual employees. Considering that, proper training has always been a hot topic in the mortgage in...
By Kenneth L. Kanady, director of learning, Wendover Consulting Inc.

Residential | April 2012 
All the Right Reasons
Although the mortgage industry is still struggling to return to its former prominence and profitability, there are plenty of reasons why pursuing a career in origination can be a wise choice for young...
By John Walsh, president, Total Mortgage Services

Residential | April 2012 
Tried and True
Even in an age largely defined by digital communication and technology, one traditional marketing technique still can reap benefits for mortgage brokers and originators: regular, repeated mailings. Di...
By Joy Gendusa, founder and CEO, PostcardMania

Commercial | April 2013 
Stand Out from the Mortgage Crowd
As the recovery in the commercial real estate market gains traction, competition among commercial mortgage brokers is heating up. All eyes are on the dramatic increase in loan submissions that is like...
By Elizabeth Braman, chief production officer, Realty Mogul

Residential | April 2013 
Climbing Up and Out
The time has come. Your brokerage or correspondent lending company is profitable and established. You are debt free. The market is improving. It is time to cash in on your small business. If this i...
By Robert M. Rubin, principal, The Business Loan Connection

Residential | April 2013 
5 Tips for Successful Recruitment
In the past few years, many mortgage banks and brokerages have seen a shortage in their talent pools. Whether you realize it or not, the mortgage industry may be in the midst of an emerging talent cri...
By Jamie Amaral, co-founder, IntelliTalent

Residential | March 2013 
Investing in Your Investors
The past five years in the mortgage industry have been marked by constant change. The number of available mortgage products has declined, underwriting criteria have tightened, countless companies have...
By Stuart Blend, regional sales manager, Planet Home Lending

Residential | February 2013 
Appraise the Situation
With the recent surge in regulations, it’s become increasingly difficult for mortgage professionals to find compliant business partners. As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) gears up its...
By Aaron Fowler, president and co-founder, United States Appraisals

Residential | February 2013 
Add a Little Zest to Your Pot of Products
In the current economic climate, an increasing number of mortgage bankers are looking into government-backed loans as a way to expand the breadth of their products and increase their market share. Con...
By Julie Flatland, vice president of credit, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC

Residential | January 2013 
5 Tips for Stronger HR
Start-up companies face a number of tall tasks at their onset, and ensuring high-quality human-resources (HR) services can be a difficult task. At a time when many mortgage banks and brokerages are op...
By Suzanne Gonsalves, senior human resources leader, Bexil American Mortgage Inc; and Linda Brawley-Carroll, director of talent management and development, Bexil American Mortgage Inc

Residential | January 2013 
Focus on Interaction and Education
As 2013 begins, many mortgage professionals are focused on creating paths to becoming more successful. For some, 2012 was a frustrating year. It always felt as though the economy was taking one step f...
By Joe Amoroso, director of national sales, Real Estate Mortgage Network Inc.


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