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Articles about Referrals


Residential | July 2014 
What Realtors Want
Whether you're an industry veteran or a newcomer to mortgage origination, Realtor referrals are undoubtedly a major part of your working life. And make no mistake — your business is a major aspect of ...
By Robert S. Mahaffey, owner and president, 3rd Street Financial Corp.

Residential | April 2014 
Passing Along the Good Word
Mortgage brokers and originators are typically dedicated to providing quality customer service, and if they’re not, they certainly should be. In the mortgage business, client relationships don’t end...
By Reggie Green, mortgage banker, Crossline Capital

Residential | March 2014 
Keep Your Gears Turning
Closings are an integral part of the loan process for mortgage professionals and borrowers alike. All too often, however, there’s little attention paid to this part of the process and all the intricac...
By Joe Caltabiano, senior vice president of mortgage lending, Guaranteed Rate

Residential | March 2014 
The Dangers of Commoditization
Mortgage professionals have a lot in common with insurance agents. In the simplest terms, they both provide a vast array of products, and those products are available to their clients at a price. It...
By Zachary Schneiderman, insurance agent, Granada Hills, Calif.

Residential | January 2014 
Take Charge of Your Network
Every loan officer is focused on getting the best return on investment when it comes to marketing efforts, but one key strategy is often overlooked: opening your own networking group. Imagine how mu...
By Michael Johnson, president, owner and founder, Trusted Referral Partners

Residential | December 2013 
Navigate the Market’s Shifting Waters
The mortgage industry has faced its share of stormy waters in the past five years. The global financial crisis and the bursting of the U.S. housing bubble affected every corner of the economy a...
By Leif A. Boyd, executive vice president of national production, American Pacific Mortgage

Residential | December 2013 
Finding Referrals From Realtors
Mortgage brokers and originators often spend time, money and energy looking for referral sources that can provide a steady flow of purchase leads. One viable source of such referrals is Realtor...
By Allen Beydoun, executive vice president of sales, United Wholesale Mortgage

Residential | October 2013 
Turning “Technoships” Into Personal Relationships
The recent increase in mortgage rates has left loan officers in a situation that they haven’t experienced in quite some time. Many loan officers have spent the better part of their careers in the refi...
By Ben Brashen, founder, Mortgage Mapp

Residential | September 2013 
Create a Referral Network
Many mortgage brokers and originators are looking for the same things: more leads and referrals. Getting those is another matter entirely, however, and originators all have their own preferred method ...
By Michael Johnson, president, owner and founder, Trusted Referral Partners

Commercial | September 2013 
5 Building Blocks of Marketing
Top-performing commercial mortgage brokers know that, to advance their careers, they should generate new business and grow their volume. This can’t be achieved unless they embrace changes and shifts i...
By Mark Redmond, marketing and business-development director, NZ Power Distributors

Residential | April 2012 
8 Tips for Better Business
Some of the most successful mortgage brokers and originators cite great customer service and low rates as two of the secrets of success in this industry. The problem, however, is that all clients e...
By Mark Chaffee, vice president and regional manager, Mortgage Financial Inc.

Residential | December 2012 
5 Ways to Build Client Relationships
In this age of technology, it’s more important than ever for mortgage brokers and originators to create authentic relationships with their clients. Earning clients’ trust can help you more easily guid...
By Joe Caltabiano, senior vice president of mortgage lending, Guaranteed Rate

Residential | December 2012 
Don't Make Another Blind Choice
Despite the recession’s lingering effects on lenders and the vendors that serve them, many options remain for loan originators in search of good technology. For instance, there still are many great lo...
By Steve Ribultan, director of business development, DocMagic Inc

Residential | December 2012 
Use Technology to Grow Realtor Referrals
Being tech-savvy in today’s mortgage industry can make a big difference when it comes to building referral relationships with real estate agents. Although many mortgage banks and brokerages may not be...
By Scott Schang, branch manager, Broadview Mortgage

Residential | July 2013 
Take the Lead Online With LinkedIn
This past May, LinkedIn celebrated its 10th anniversary, and in those 10 years, it has grown to be a powerhouse of social media. Although its 225 million registered members pale in raw-number comparis...
By Ondar Tarlow, senior vice president and director of marketing, Impac Mortgage


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