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Articles about Referrals


Residential | December 2017 
Build a Bigger Business With Builders
  Key Points Five things to know when working with builders Construction market landscape ...
By Jim Colella, vice president, national builder program manager, Guaranteed Rate

Residential | November 2017 
Cultivating Realtor Relationships
All originators know that working on purchase loans can be tough. The buyer, seller and respective Realtors are relying on the originator to come through and to be on time. This means lot...
By Brian Kent, general manager, C2 Financial Corp.

Residential | November 2017 
Convert Prospects to Partners
  Key Points How to build business relationships Meet Realtors and builders face to face. ...
By Heather Keith, director of marketing, Supreme Lending

Residential | October 2017 
Outselling the Competition
It seems like more and more originators are spending less and less time outside the office. The industry’s once great and powerful sales force is — at many companies — not doing a whole lot of selling...
By Doug Smith, president, Douglas Smith & Associates

Commercial | September 2017 
Invest in Your Online Presence
We all know that every commercial mortgage broker needs a website that draws people in, including potential borrowers, referral sources and commercial mortgage leads. It’s a simple fact that in the di...
By Emily Landgraf, social media coordinator, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Residential | September 2017 
Move Beyond the Headlines
Albert Einstein once said: “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” Over the last few months, numerous articles, graphs, analytical reports and economists’ blog...
By Bubba Mills, CEO and owner, Corcoran Consulting & Coaching Inc.

Residential | August 2017 
Go Beyond the Baseline
What do borrowers look for when choosing a mortgage originator? They tend to look for someone who is credible, diligent, reliable and trustworthy. They want to work with an originator they feel ...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Residential | April 2017 
Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
Breaking out of the normal routine for getting and growing business leads can be uncomfortable. But uncomfortable is healthy. It is how we grow as humans and loan originators. To sustain longevi...
By Nathan Rufty, mortgage coach and trainer, Mortgage Marketing Pros

Residential | April 2017 
Know What Sets You Apart From Peers
In 2017, the ability to stand out from the crowd and not just be another mortgage originator could be the determining factor in your success as you struggle with rising interest rates. But how ...
By Dennis Black, CEO, Dennis Black and Associates

Residential | March 2017 
Think Outside the Cube
From start to finish, 2017 is sure to be a year of change for the mortgage industry. We have a new congress, a new presidential administration and a new real estate environment. For the first time ...
By John Meussner, production manager and executive loan officer, Mason-McDuffie Mortgage

Residential | March 2017 
The Road to Success
Mortgage banking is a unique industry because it is one of the few professions where you can literally transform your business — and your income — to whatever scale you want. The sky is the limi...
By Sarah Valentini, president and principal, Radius Financial Group Inc.

Residential | March 2017 
Business Begins Outside the Office
Have you ever wondered why some mortgage originators seem to grow their business every year despite the ups and downs of the market? Constant growth requires a mix of strategies. One often-for...
By JJ Mazzo, branch manager and senior loan officer, Summit Funding Inc.

Residential | March 2017 
Find Your True Clients
The housing market is shifting to a pronounced purchase environment, and the ability going forward to identify prospective clients cleanly and clearly as a mortgage originator will be essential to you...
By Dennis Black, CEO, Dennis Black and Associates

Residential | February 2017 
Pick a Niche and Stick With It
Everyone has heard the saying, “A Jack of all trades, but master of none.” The hidden truth of this saying is that trying to be a “Jack of all trades” will just burn you out. No one has the time to le...
By Nathan Rufty, mortgage coach and trainer, Mortgage Marketing Pros

Residential | January 2017 
Setting Smart Goals Is Good for Business
There may be any number of reasons why you fail to achieve your own goals, even if you have taken the time to write them down on paper. The goals may be too big to achieve, especially when personal ...
By Nathan Rufty, mortgage coach and trainer, Mortgage Marketing Pros


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